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For those who think Ant-Man is trying to compete with Captain America, think again. Ant-Man is in a league of its own. It combines the shrinking technology of science with the life-altering effects of becoming a bigger man within. Ant-Man represents the oppressed and beaten down hero who lifts himself from his boot straps and takes a leap of faith to make a better life for him and his daughter. He risks everything, including his freedom, to provide for his family. That is extremely admirable and heroic and a great break from all the superheroes who don't have time for love or are too selfish to care.

According to, in the original 1979 story line, Scott Lang was an electronics expert who could not support his family doing repair work so he turned his talent to burglary. Apprehended, he served his prison sentence and was paroled in three years for good behavior. Lang had furthered his studies of electronics while in prison and was soon hired by Stark International to work in its design department. Shortly after, his daughter was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition. Desperate to help his daughter, he sought help from a surgeon named Dr. Erica Sondheim who was being held captive by the villain in the story, Darren Cross. He stole the Ant-Man technology from Dr. Henry Pym's New Jersey home without him knowing and used it to break into Cross Technological Enterprises where he defeated Cross and saved Sondheim. Lang was flooded with relief when Sondheim saved his daughter.

According to, the 2015 movie version of Ant-Man changed the story line by saying that Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) goes to San Quentin Prison for single-handledly hacking into the company he worked for because it had been overcharging its customers. Once he successfully hacked into it, he transferred millions of dollars back to the customers. Another difference between the comic and the movie was that his daughter was not sick. When he was fired from yet another job because of his criminal record, he realized that he had to return to a life of crime in order to get enough money to pay back child support so he could see his daughter again. His best friend Luis (Michael Pena) had a tip about a robbery they could do together and Lang agreed to it. Luis introduced him to Dave (T.I.), a getaway driver, and Kurt (Dave Datmalchian), an identity theft specialist. Together, they used their unique skills to break into the home of Dr. Henry Pym (Michael Douglas). In the movie, Lang was not aware that he was stealing the Ant-Man suit. He thought he was going to steal money or jewels, but he found the suit instead. Curiosity and desperation won and he decided to take the Ant-Man suit anyway without realizing that Dr. Pym was watching him the entire time. Pym let Lang break into his home in order to observe his skills as a burglar and electronics expert. He brought it back home but he was intrigued by the idea that a man would hide a suit with such intense security. He tried it on and pushed the button that would cause him to shrink as small as an ant and travel on a wild and hilarious ride to find out how dangerous the suit could be. Just before he became a mouse's lunch food, Pym talked to him through the mic on suit and helped Lang return to normal size. Lang immediately tried to return the suit back to its rightful owner.

Pym's estranged daughter, Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) secretly worked as a double agent between her father and his former apprentice, Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) so she could stop Cross from destroying the world. Hope did not believe that Lang had what it took to be Ant-Man so she called the police on him when he tried to return the suit. Lang had to risk his freedom yet again because of Hope, but Pym promised to help him break out with this ultimatum: Go back to prison or save the world. Obviously, he chose to save the world because he knew it would help him earn his daughter's trust and for her to continue to see him as a hero. Pym deemed Lang worthy of the Ant-Man suit and asked him to stop Darren Cross from replicating his Ant-Man formula and making his own volatile version called the Yellow Jacket. Of course, Ant-Man defeated Cross but you will have to see the rest of the movie to see how. This version of Ant-Man was more endearing and heartfelt to me because it doesn't have the extra comic drama. The amazing cast of incredibly talented actors, Rudd's sense of humor, and Michael Pena's comedic timing and hilarious facial expressions just made the movie more enjoyable to watch.

Paul Rudd portrayed Antman as a lovable hero because of his comedic talent and his authentic portrayal of Scott Lang as a family man, which was a great connection with the audience because he was the ability to make people laugh even in the serious moments of the movie and he makes Lang seem more relatable and family oriented than most heroes. Paul Rudd, in real life, also has two kids of his own and was a prankster on the set of Ant-Man. In this video, Rudd explains how he tried to play a prank on the legendary Michael Douglas and how it went hilariously wrong. Check it out below:


Did the movie Antman live up to the comic book expections?


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