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Hey everyone I've been a Creator on MoviePilot for months and months now. I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on YouTube a little bit. I have been on YouTube for a couple of years now creating fan-made trailers, origin trailers, and more recently I've started doing reaction videos. If you haven't checked them out feel free anytime, just look up stryderHD, but anyway I received a copyright strike recently and I was very kind of blown away by it because all of the videos I create are meant to purely entertain people and not meant to be taken seriously. I want everyone who does create videos on YouTube to know that's the reason I do my page, for movie fans for the most part and people like me. Fair usage has been a controversy on YouTube and peoples' videos for a long time, here is the real YouTube video to check out if interested: Fair Usage. Here is also the Copyright page if anyone would like to check into that for some up to date information for all you YouTubers out there like me.

As far as what's going to happen with my page, I have thought about it and have made the decision to go ahead and go with a clean slate, new start on a brand new YouTube page. My page will be pretty much the same as always except a bit more tight-knit with copyrighted materials, more reaction videos and as well as movie news and gaming stuff. If you guys like trailers, and wonder what it'd be like if your favorite actor were in a movie that doesn't exist or is a book that hasn't been made a movie yet, this is where my fan-made trailers shine. I love to imagine if he/she were in a movie sometimes.

Thanks everyone for your support and I have started my new page and will be transitioning to it in the next month. Expect me to continue putting up videos on my old page and my new page as well to get it up and running ASAP. Check out my video I made today about what I will be doing as well. Thanks again everyone. I love Moviepilot!

The link to my upcoming YouTube page, for now, is this.

My current YouTube page is this.

It is not 100% yet but I am trying to get my subscribers, movie fans and everyone a chance to get onto my new channel ASAP and get ready for some really cool trailers and much more. I will be uploading a brand new original fan trailer very soon, something to do with Batman, that's all I can say right now. Please sub and thank everyone very much!

Twitter - @stryderHD


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