ByKylie Carlson, writer at
Kylie Carlson

The eye roll game is strong here. Let's be real: The Mortal Instruments fandom is not a happy one. When it was revealed that a movie for the series first book, City of Bones, would come out in 2013,

it was pretty much Christmas. When the movie made its debut, it was pretty much the part after the Grinch stole Christmas. Nonetheless, fans were strong. It was a movie after all, and you can't fit everything into one movie. So of course, when our beloved ABC Family... I mean FreeForm... announced it would be taking on the TV series based on the books, our prayers had been answered.

And the few bits of footage released brought us high hopes.

But that's where it ended. Shadowhunters turned out to be a bigger flop than its movie predecessor. With weak acting, zero chemistry, and a poor script, it could bring any fandom to shame. Simon is ripping his shirt off. Jace is the given witty lines we know and love, but the actor might as well be a drill sergeant. And speaking of Jace, him and Clary have zero chemistry. He's supposed to be your soul mate! And who the heck is Dot? We think she's replacing Madame Dorthea, but a much younger, less important version. Sigh... We shadowhunting lovers can't hold on much longer, Cassandra Clare. We love you, but I think I speak for us all when I say that's a wrap.


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