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Now most of us gamers have heard of the Grand Theft Auto series. One of the most played games the world has ever experienced! But, we've researched and discovered the #1 most requested gameplay feature for Grand Theft Auto: Five, Story Mode.

As you can tell, searching up DLCs and reading 10-12 articles as your being bored at a relative's house, Rockstar has not posted anything regarding their new DLC that is going to be dropped anytime soon. Lucky for you, we did the uncoding of codes ourselves with high-quality coders and people who speak the language of algorithms. The number one requested GTA V Story Mode gameplay feature is actually being able to join the military.

Joining the military is a PRETTY BIG DEAL. Wait what am I saying? The military base in GTA V is something special—from the secret bunker outside the base and why the soldiers do what they do and everything; but, this type of mission will give you what your heart is secretly desiring with all that thorough searching you do on the internet on this topic.

As we look through the coding, and had discussions and meetings over what Rockstar is really hiding, we discover and put together; as well as a combination of interviews that IGN and other gaming news people collect. In one of IGN's reports, Rockstar claims that being able to join the military isn't far off. And as Shawn Fotento posted this on his Instagram.

As you can tell from the picture noticeably above posted by Shawn Fotento(@solo118), it is a picture of Franklin holding a pistol. But, notice the stars he posted—this would possibly indicate a fact that a new type of mission would arise from the 'shadows' as due because it's dark. But if that isn't enough he also posts this picture below:

As this picture of also indicate that Franklin is the protagonist in the 'Marines' or 'Army' DLC.

Below is some more information leaked and discovered:

•11 New Characters: Fransisco Richmond, Chad Vespucci, Kurt Valley, Michael Stone, General Zimmerman, Colonel Jeff, Sargent Major Frank, Calvin Shwinn, Kevin Riley, Jo'siah Davis, and Richmond Guiser will be added into the game. One guy is richer than Devin Weston.

•A new point system will be added.

•Franklin(the player) will be able to have a 'safehouse' at Fort Zancudo, which will be able to store his drugs, money, and guns in the Barracks and will have a roommate named Starkie.

•Franklin will be able to call back his heist crew members gunman to aid in combatting terrorism. Four new gunman will be added with 14 skills with a 2% per gunman per mission. Roughly 92+ missions maybe—making $8.2 million if done correctly.

•The player will be able to set up military heist missions and have gunman steal the needed heist supply(Submarine, Tank, Titan, Jets, Planes, Helicopter, etc.)

•The Top Rank is 'FIB Agent' and Team Top Rank is 'Black Op'

•New paramedic ability

•$90k per mission if target is captured and 10 points, $45k per mission if target is killed, and nothing if the target escapes.

•Titan missions(dropping off guns and supplies to people and locations just like Trevor's McKenzie's Field).

•Gen. Zimmerman, your general, worked with Don Percival, Devin Weston, and Calvin Shwinn(richer than Devin Weston) and all are partners of Merryweather with Gen. Zimmerman having 55.5% equity, Don with 24.5% then to 35.5% after Devin dies, and Shwinn with 9%.

•Two Military Awards for saving your teammates before death: Navy Cross and Purple Heart.

•Being able to own 44.5% equity stake of Merrywather, deploying them whenever and on whoever, and deploying them to guard your house with the weapon of YOUR choice.

•The player gets to have a choice to become the Head Director of the FIB after the assassination of Devin Weston, Don Percival, and Calvin Shwinn with the help of their teammates.

•Picking up $11.7 billion in Shwinn's house. But sharing it between the 4 of you soldiers

•Being able to assign and pay people to go do your dirty work for you, as the Head Director, while getting paid $22 million per week + $15 million per week from Merryweather.

•Going on meetings with your assigned people(like what Steve Haines did to Michael, Franklin, and Trevor) but Kevin Riley(Director of Operations at the FIB) goes with you, just like Agent Sanchez. And your own money will have to be included to set up and pay for the missions/heists you force your assigned people to do for you(Humane Labs and Research Building, Store Jobs, Bank Jobs, Assassinations, robbing ships, etc.)

•FIB Most Wanted List, changes everyday and can deploy gunman, now including the legend Richmond Guiser(FIB Secret Service Special Agent), to kill them.

•FIB Agentcy Building can be robbed and the player has the chance to deploy the following: NOOSE, Navy, Airforce, Military, FIB Choppers, and/or Merryweather. Up to $37 million can be stolen from thieves.

•Colonel Jeff was formally a member of the USS Lexington ATT-16, 135th Airborne Division/Special Airborne Unit, and the 16th MP Brigade in the Marines. Most famous rescuing mission= Operation Desert Fox(saving Chad Vespucci) occurred in 1992. And his team's Titan was hit by a missile and crashed into the sea; he saved Chad and himself while everyone else perished.

•Heist Crew Members will be able to assist you in your assigned heist missions for you people as when you are the Head Director. Ex: Taliana as a warehouse driver or pilot, Packie as a gunman for a Humane Labs raid, Rickie Luckens as a hacker for a Merryweather job, and/or Richmond Gusier as a gunman for the Union Depository.

•Last bit of information, is that Richmond Guiser is your body guard just incase someone tries to put you down at meetings.


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