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If you've watched the series this far, you might as well finish it.

1. This is the sixth and final episode of the Paranormal Activity series (if you count the spin-off The Marked Ones). I also think it's the least terrible. It's not good, but if the movies were kids that all failed tests, this is the one that got closest to passing.

2. Faithful watchers of the series know that while the first movie was about a single demonic entity named "Toby", things have expanded to include a coven of witches that are taking kids. This movie reveals the coven's true intentions.

3. It's about a family that moves into a house, and they find a magic video camera that can see into another dimension. They also unfortunately find video tapes that contain footage of previous Paranormal Activity films, which they watch.

4. The series has always ripped off Poltergeist, but this movie finally makes it obvious to horror fans that "Toby" is another version of the famous "Captain Howdy", and that the coven is trying it's own remake of The Omen.

5. This movie has the best special effects of all the movies. Probably because the others didn't really have any.

6. Of course, Toby still likes to do stuff like make chandeliers move when nobody is in the room. And the movie relies on the usual found-footage cheap trick of putting low-frequency bass sounds in the soundtrack, to make the viewer uncomfortable and jumpy. This is used whenever the movie isn't actually scary - which is pretty much the whole time.

7. I do respect the ending for sticking with its goals.

8. There were a couple of nice details woven into the narrative, such as the original folklore meaning of "Bloody Mary" and the priest mentioning the rituals in the ancient book The Key of Solomon.

9. This is a bad movie that somehow manages to be better than all the other Paranormal Activity movies put together.

Let's just hope they stick to their word and don't make any more of them.

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