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There have been many films that touch on or shed light on the sexual scandal of Catholic priests and child abuse (and some may say that it's 'old news'), but the brevity of the issue has never been brought to such an emotional urgency and demand for accountability from the public as much as in Tom McCarthy's Spotlight. What really sets Spotlight apart and makes it a breath of fresh air, is its unconventional direction; focusing less on the Church and shedding light onto the public eye who are inasmuch responsible if they choose to remain silent. At its core, Spotlight pays tribute to the journalism industry (well, those who actually do their jobs rightly eh?), and serves as an alarm clock for those who choose to stay silent in the face of injustice (even when it's against the authorities).

well-paced structure that neither feels too draggy or too hurried, matched with an ensemble of blockbuster performances, all of which complements one another - is what made Spotlight an engrossing and thought-provoking film. His respectful packaging of the scandal that neither pomp up nor sugarcoats it in anyway and engaging viewers into the matter, is why it's no surprise that Spotlight is ready to receive the awards for Best Picture and Best Director at the 88th Oscars, against heavy contenders The Revenant and Mad Max.

This two hour film is one of those movies that ends with you going - "Wait, what happens next?"

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