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The caped crusader! The dark knight! Gotham's crime fighting hero and noble watcher! we all know the story of Bruce Wayne and how he became to be batman. We all know how amazing batman is and why we love him so much and how cool and deep his story is. But do we really know batman on screen?

We have seen many an actor take up the mantle of batman thankfully not like playing James bond but instead every so often we receive someone new. But somehow it feels like every time we do we must start all over again. While with all the new costumes,and directors and timelines and villains and all it starts to feel like maybe we really don't know on onscreen batman as much as we would like to.

So far besides the comics the animated series were and still are really the only things that seem to deliver. And although watching a new batman movie can be fun it is also starting to get a little to far blown into the action and lacks on the rich storytelling and crime solving. Batman really shines as billionaire Bruce Wayne and we haven't gotten a lot of that on the big screen. But where he really shines is when he has to constantly think on his feet and use his mind to defeat the bad guys and save lives. So here's who i think would play the best batmen and maybe even how and why we should see them in an all new batman movie or TV series.

Lord knows we will never get over Ben affleck as batman.

  • Number 1: Keifer sutherland

Why keifer you ask? Well its quite simple keifer sutherland is still in a good age range to portray a mid aged or older batman. More so than his age keifer has shown many many times in his acting that he can kick some ass! This man is still very much an action star and a straight faced powerhouse no bad guy wants to f with. Whats most important about this choice is that as we all know one of the things many people don't like about keifer is his grumbly whisper voice. Almost every word out of his mouth is almost gibberish when he starts doing his grumble thing.

Fans of 24 will remember that when things got heated and troubles brewing keifer or "jack" started mumbling and grumbling deeply. So why is this a good thing? Well unlike how annoying and ridiculous two movies of christian fail- i mean bales vocal performance was, with keifer he wouldn't have to fake it. Keifer can be able to deliver a deep menacing disguised voice for batman without even trying. Between his action, his voice, his swagger and his overall acting keifer sutherland has what it takes to play a good batman. You know i even think ive seen the bat logo naturally embedded in keifer's forehead in some photos. Like the kind that is only an eye mask. It appeared shaped in the bat symbol, not even kidding in the impressions of his face. Check for that next time you are watching him.

  • Number 2: Jim Caviezel

Jim caviezal, wow need i say more? Sure how bout this much like keifer sutherland only more refined jim is extremely handsome and wouldn't have to force a fake batman voice. Jim caviezal has shown most notably with his performance in Person of interest that he can be extremely serious, straight faced, menacing, threatening and charming. All while remaining enjoyable to watch. And with a dark almost grumbly whisper voice that i can only think of batman having when i close my eyes and listen.

Jim is a great great actor and unlike keifer he is younger and still has a sort of youthful look about him. He is in great shape and is a powerhouse action star. He is the perfect height weight and size for batman and looks amazing in a suit, just imagine how bad-ass and awesome he would look in the latest rendition of the bat suit. this guy is full on batman i rest my case.

  • Number 3: Jason O'Mara

Jason "the man" o'mara, well my gosh in my opinion this guy is by far one of the most handsome men in hollywood. Ever since terra nova god rest its soul, i have been waiting for the next jason o'mara appearance. Jason has incredible talent and he just screams heroic. With such a gentle and distinguished golden voice and such a well defined jawline as a guy i would croon watching him dawn the cowl and play the batman we all deserve.

Now unlike the first two jason doesn't have a dark grumble out to get you in your sleep voice, but what he does have is nobility and heroism. I can see him playing an incredibly suave and intelligent batman all the while keeping things in the right tone not to dark not to light. he is packing an incredible physique for his age and has shown he can deliver as an action star. I think with a little promotion and time this man could rise to number one in hollywood with a batman role. Interestingly enough Jason has already got a start as batman by voicing him in the son of batman! So for gods sake if your american and you love this country this man played George Washington now he needs to play batman.....mic drop!


So hopefully you've enjoyed this, if so out of my list who do you think would be the best batman?


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