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Let me preface this article with a statement:

I have been waiting for a sequel to 'Cloverfield'.

Cloverfield is one of my favorite movies in the last 10 years, and I usually can't stand horror/monster films. But I genuinely loved the movie and the "found footage" style of sorts after a creature attacks New York City, it seemed truly unique.

So, as you can imagine, I was ecstatic when I heard that a new trailer from J.J. Abrams (producer of Cloverfield) dropped for a movie called 10 Cloverfield Lane.

The movie was apparently made in secret, which in this day and age, is a notion that nobody thought was possibly, especially from J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot. Yet, audiences who ventured out to see 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi were the first to experience the trailer before hitting Youtube and all the major cinema news sites.

With the secrecy of the project, it's obvious that questions will be asked, and as any fan of Cloverfield is likely wondering "is this actually a sequel, because the trailer doesn't seem to be related."

Well, thanks to Collider, we have our answer directly from Paramount Pictures and J.J. Abrams.

The idea came up a long time ago during production. We wanted to make it a blood relative of Cloverfield. The idea was developed over time. We wanted to hold back the title for as long as possible.

So, it's not a sequel in the sense that we would expect one to be. It looks as though it will exist in the same universe though, we'll call it more of a linear sequel rather than a direct follow-up. Yet it's still to be seen as how it will actually fit in based on the IMDb synopsis:

"Waking up from a car accident, a young woman finds herself in the basement of a man who says he's saved her life from a chemical attack that has left the outside uninhabitable."

We can imagine that it's this group of characters held up together after the events of the nuking of New York in order to get rid if the attacking monsters. Now it's not the movie I was expecting, but I'm still excited to hopefully see the Cloverfield universe expand.

'10 Cloverfield Lane' stars John Goodman, John Gallagher Jr. and Mary Elizabeth Winstead and it primed for a March 11 release.

Source : Collider


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