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The comedy gods have answered us! Finally, after many years, we now have another film that stars arguably the best duo in recent years: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, in a raunchy party comedy. How can this go wrong? Thankfully, it doesn’t, Sisters get so much right and goes all out with the partying and humour to deliver one hell of an unforgettable spectacle of chaos and celebration!

Cue some early cliches. One sister is successful and uptight, the other laid back and not going anywhere in life. We've seen that before in many ways and many forms, yet Fey and Poehler make it their own with their blend of witty satire, superb timing, mixture of high/lowbrow humour and even bursts of slapstick that hits the mark each time. Maura and Kate reunite to throw one last big party at their childhood before their parents sell the place. What starts out as a humble yet quiet get together turns into the party of the year when the guest list skyrockets and the drinks start pouring. Simple premise notwithstanding, this is a laugh out loud and surprisingly heartfelt comedy with character pathos and an even tone that lays the foundation for one of 2015's funniest films.

With its two lead stars proving themselves once again hysterical, the supporting cast works wonder too. Maya Rudolph is absolutely priceless as the Ellis sisters old high school enemy Brinda. Rudolph's elongated pronunciations of words and phrases leave you in stitches, and her seasoned delivery of "thank youuu" after being complimented on her belt just had me howling with laughter. With the reliably funny Rachel Dratch and supporting cast members like John Leguizamo, John Cena, Ike Barinholtz, Kate McKinnon and Bobby Moynihan, the consistency of laughs remains frequent throughout despite a rocky beginning.

There's a priceless scene where the laughs just keep coming and coming, and that's watching Amy Poehler's Maura ask her salon assistant how to pronounce her name, and her asking how to pronounce Maura. This prolonged sequence never outstays its welcome, just getting funnier and funnier until you can laugh no longer. Jokes like this make Sisters a memorable and consistently entertaining film.

If you've seen Project X, then you'll know what I mean when I say that this place gets wrecked. The scale of the aftermath that these partygoers have created is epic and surprisingly huge. Whole trees fall down destroying entire rooms of the house, ceilings crumble, swimming pools cave under mighty sinkholes and every inch of walls and plastering covered in graffiti doesn't go a miss. All this sets up the funniest of reactions from Fey and Poehler, who eventually mud fight as chaos erupts all around them over family squabbles.

If you enjoyed Trainwreck, Spy and other female led films of the year, don't miss out on Sisters! The girls are kicking butt and making us laugh and Sisters is no exception, worth watching with a high recommendation.


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