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You guys remember the first trailer for BvS? No, then check it out below:

-The trailer has a Superman Statue sprayed red saying "false god". All of us know that the movie is set after Man Of Steel. It is a possibility that Superman is considered as a criminal in America and has left the country because people hate him. One proof is the analyzed second trailer review where many spotted that the spaceship Superman saves from blast in this trailer also is actualy a russian aircraft so maybe he has gone to Russia on his mother's advice.

So the one who caused more destruction is Bizzaro created by Lex Luthor. Maybe my theory is wrong.

But then who is the actual villain of BvS? Lex Luthor wearing a specialized armor or his Ultron army. The security system to stop alien invasion similar to what Tony Stark created in AOU. Seems more sensible right? Recently Jesse Eisenberg said that the movie features the best scene of his career which is shaving off his head. He can do that when he lost the war. Also these suits could be powered by Kryptonite. What do you think? Comment.


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