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After walking out of the late night session to star wars: force awakens on opening day (I didn't book) I can happily announce the following, Star Wars: Episode 7 is the first film released in 30 years that actually feels like a true star wars film... and funnily enough Lucas had nothing to do with it. Its hard to watch Force awakens without analysing the prequels. JJ just made a film that truly feels like star wars, not just because of the aged returning character favorites but also because of the tight script that harken's back to the original series. Yes it's similar to what came before, but in my opinion the new characters and story elements were more than enough to make me feel repetition. Even the clever Star Wars humour is nailed here, well that and they don't feel the need to shove effects in every god damn scene. Does Force Awakens look visually amazing? Yes it certainly does, but there is a certain modesty to it all. Spectacle does NOT have to mean 'unbelievable' or 'over the top'. The aerial dog fights were the best in the franchise, yet I never lost suspension of disbelief, unlike the prequels where belief wasn't even there to be lost. No crazy ass cartoon aliens filling every scene, no off the wall, crazy planet locales either. Everything about it felt top class, which makes the prequels many problems all the more glaring. How the hell did they mess it up so bad, years later we have just seen how to make a genuine, official star wars film that is true to the original trilogy while forging its own path. So why on earth were the prequels glorified cartoons? Why was the dialogue so damn horrendous? Why was all the acting so wooden? Why are they filled with childish nonsense like the moronic Jar Jar or young annoying twat anakin and his pod race? Or the equally bad mature Anakin whinging and sooking his way through the series. This whiny bitch was meant to be the Jedi's saviour? Just put him out of his misery already. Only the prequels could turn the baddest, nastiest, most recognisable villain roles of all time... in cinema history... into a snivelling 'days of our lives' extra. Watch force awakens, then try to see where a character like Jar Jar fits into the film? All these misfires... and then force awakens arrives effortlessly capturing the very essence of Star wars. Turns out the only thing holding the franchise back was Lucas, the one person meant to 'get' it just plain didn't, too worried about CGI effects instead of a decent script. If you had only ever watched Star Wars you could be forgiven for assuming Natalie Portman was one of the worst actors of all time... nope, Oscar winner. Though im convinced Hayden had never acted before, and (thankfully) hasn't much since. They say there is no such thing as a bad actor, just bad directing and I'd have to agree, I mean just watch star wars and cringe at how wooden hayden is, how it appears he is staring off camera at cue cards, unable to even muster up an ounce of character or emotion for what should be emotional scenes. The films seriously become painful to watch at times he is so bad. I noticed all this just by watching the culled and condensed down version, the fully edited finished product... what the hell was Lucas doing while filming? Why the hell didn't he pull Hayden aside and say "your shitty acting is destroying this film, pick up your game" or better yet, replace him with a more fitting actor (...or just an 'actor') instead he sits back filling the movies to the brim with SFX hoping action spectacle will fool the audience into not noticing the films many, many shortcomings. Wrong. He's quite a terrible director these days, out of touch with Hollywood an what makes a great film. A bit of a hack. He didn't even direct the original three, empire strikes back (easily greatest of all time imo) wasn't even his work. He just took the glory. Best thing he did was introduce the world to star wars, doesn't make him overly talented or even worthwhile these days, he clearly can't write anything outside of an action scene as proven by the prequels daytime soap like feel during any scene not filled with cgi and explosions. So he barely directs, can barely write.. what the heck can he do? Best thing he ever did was sell the license the future is now in good hands.

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