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The CW introduces its latest DC comics series this week with the premiere of [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021), the time-traveling team-up from the Flarrowverse. The show looks incredible, and fans are thrilled to have another night of the week filled with DC goodness.

So what's next for the CW's comic book world? There has been some speculation that the channel will eventually be aiming to have a connected show on at least five nights of the week, which leaves two slots open for more spin-off programming.

Existing Shows Could Join The Flarrow Family

Fans have speculated that future plans could include pre-existing series. Supergirl, currently in its first season, is also the work of Flarrow creator Greg Berlanti, and airs on CBS (a network connected to the CW). Rumors of a Supergirl/Flash crossover have been flying for some time, and it seems that we'll find out if this is happening by the end of next month.

Constantine is also in the running for the Flarrowverse. The show didn't make it to a full first season on NBC, but after its cancellation Matt Ryan showed up as the titular character in an episode of Arrow. Fans of the short-lived show hope that this heralds a second chance on the CW.

Easter Eggs For A New Character

While it's fun to speculate about seeing existing characters added to the Flarrowverse, there's one particular JLA member who has been hinted at since the beginning. Green Lantern.

Coast City (the home of Green Lantern, Hal Jordan) has been mentioned repeatedly in both shows, appeared on promo art, and we've even seen some scenes set there. Barry Allen ran to Coast City for take out pizza (show off!). Linda Park headed there to stay with friends after her Zoom encounter. McKenna Hall is doing physical therapy there after being shot by the Huntress. Oliver Queen spent some time there as a vigilante after leaving Hong Kong (and before becoming the Arrow).

Ferris Air has also popped up multiple times. The name is synonymous with the Green Lantern, as it is when both Hal Jordan and his father were pilots (and where Hal's father died when a test flight went wrong).

  • In The Flash, it's a Ferris airstrip that Barry and Harrison Wells use to test the limits of Barry's speed.
  • Barry also mentions that the facility was shut down after an incident with a missing test pilot, an obvious reference to Hal.
  • In Arrow, A Ferris Air jetliner is mentioned in a Lian Yu flashback, and Ferris Air is mentioned time and time again in small ways.
  • A much larger Easter Egg was caught by eagle-eyed fans in the episode Green Arrow, when Oliver and Amanda Waller are at a bar in Coast City... and a man in a pilot's jacket with "Jordan" written across it walks past the camera.

The Latest News

The references seem to be getting more and more obvious, and this most recent nod to a universe with Green Lantern may be the biggest yet.

Promo photos from upcoming episode Welcome To Earth-2 had fans thrilled to finally see Danielle Panabaker dressed up as Killer Frost, but that wasn't the only Earth-2 character we got to see. Robbie Amell is back on the show, but as the Earth-2 version of Ronnie Raymond: Deathstorm.

This leads us back to Green Lantern because... Deathstorm is a Lantern, too! In the comics, Deathstorm is a Black Lantern with a... complicated backstory. He has been both a re-animated Ronnie Raymond and a separate being that came from Ronnie Raymond and another man who were merged as a Black Lantern. Deathstorm has also had a New 52 stint as Martin Stein, but as we already know that the Flash Deathstorm will be Ronnie, that can be excluded.

While it's possible that Berlanti and co. will simply ignore Deathstorm's comic book origins and make him a straightforward "bad Ronnie" from Earth-2, it's just as possible that this is yet another way to start introducing the Lantern Corps to the series.

Adding Sci-Fi To The Flarrowverse

On top of all the Easter Eggs (and now the inclusion of an actual Lantern), and the fact that Flash and Lantern are buddies in the comics, making Green Lantern the next CW series just makes sense. Thus far, the Flarrowverse has been slowly adding more fantastic elements to its shows; Arrow was fairly grounded, Flash brought in some more superpowers, but kept them rooted in pseudo science; Constantine, Damien Darkh, Hawkgirl and Hawkman introduced magic to the universe, and now Legends of Tomorrow will give us time travel.

As the shows become less concerned with realism, it's the perfect time to introduce the alien angle. Audiences have shown that they are happy to leave reality behind for their favorite shows, and the time is ripe for some good old fashioned sci-fi.

The Potential Problem

The one big issue with lining up a Green Lantern series is one of rights sharing. Unlike Marvel, DC is keeping their TV and film universes separate, and it seems that few characters are being allowed to appear on both. Although The Flash will be on screens big and small, Superman is largely missing from Supergirl (and Martian Manhunter, who is in Supergirl, is missing from the new JLA). Oliver Queen is missing from movie plans, and Harley Quinn was kept out of the Arrow Suicide Squad because she would be in the movie. (Deadshot apparently didn't come with that issue, nor did Katana, as they both appeared in Arrow.)

There is a Green Lantern Corps movie on the DC slate for 2020, and Lantern has been confirmed as the seventh member of the JLA, which could create conflict with a Green Lantern series if the higher-ups at DC want to keep the two worlds apart. However, we saw in the DC Special this week that the Green Lantern Corps movie appears to be including multiple Green Lanterns. Should the writers there decide to make another Lantern the focus, Hal could still appear in the Flarrowverse.

What Else Could They Be Doing?

With the huge success of Arrow and The Flash, and the anticipated success of Legends of Tomorrow, there is no reason for Berlanti and The CW to slow down. There is little doubt that a fourth connected series will appear, so the only question is who will be its focus.

With so many signs pointing towards Green Lantern, and few for anyone else, it seems that a Lantern show must be in the works. However, it's always possible that the writing team is just adding these references in to make comic book fans happy. Another possibility is that we'll see a different superhero with strong links to Coast City and Ferris Air: Carol Ferris, a.k.a. Star Sapphire. It's a fantastic possibility that would add another female-fronted comic book show to the TV schedule, even if she's not quite as well-known a character as Green Lantern.

Now that Legends is (almost) up and running, this is an incredibly exciting time for the franchise, and we can't wait to see what they come up with next. Whether they go with Green Lantern, Star Sapphire, or someone else altogether, the evidence clearly points toward a space-based new show, and one that will take place in Coast City!


Which would you rather see as a new addition to the Flarrowverse?


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