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There is one inescapable truth looming over Kanan, Ezra and the ragtag group of rebels in Disney's Star Wars animated series.


Well maybe that's a little harsh but if you've seen the original Star Wars trilogy which I assume you have, you'll notice that Ezra, Kanan, Chopper and the whole crew are noticeably missing from the story. Since the events in STAR WARS REBELS takes place not long before Episode IV: A NEW HOPE it's easy to surmise that at some point this band of Rebels either meet their untimely doom, go into hiding or strangely lose resolve in their fight against the Empire and start a business smuggling Rathtar's and Death Sticks.

So what really does happen to this group of freedom fighters? Below I've listed a few theories regarding their ultimate fate.


This is my personal favorite theory because not only do I love the twisted Sith cyborg Darth Vader, but quite honestly one of the biggest downfalls of the original trilogy and the prequels is the use of Darth Vader. We know that he's feared, respected and powerful the moment we see him arrive on Leia's Correlian Cruiser in A New Hope and while the actions of those around him and opposing him back up the idea of Vader's power, the viewer rarely gets to actually see it. In fact we mostly see Vader lose. Darth Vader is eluded by his son for the better part of the trench run on the original Death Star before he's sent spinning off into space by Han Solo in the Millenium Falcon. Vader gets revenge in Empire Strikes Back by freezing Han in carbonite but ultimately fails to turn his son to the dark side while Leia, Lando and the crew rescue Luke from the bowels of Cloud City and whisk off to safety. Vader ultimately loses to Luke in a lightsaber duel in Return Of The Jedi and his one true victory is redeeming himself from the Dark Side and destroying the emperor. I want to see the dark lord Vader in his prime showcase the full power of the Dark Side. Maybe Vader becomes disillusioned with the Inquisitors and takes matter into his own hands. Vader unmercifully picking off the Rebel crew one by one culminating in a final lightsaber duel between Ezra, Kanan and Vader where Kanan meets his doom and Ezra has to choose between the lightside and the darkside would be the ultimate climax of the series and only add more credence to the legend of Darth Vader.


While the Vader idea is my favorite this idea is the most probable. The ultimate demise of Kanan's Rebels being incinerated in the destruction of Alderaan is a quick and easy explanation to their lack of presence in the OT. Alderaan's destruction happens about halfway through the events of Episode IV when Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin threaten the destruction of Leia's home world via the Empire's new super-weapon The Death Star in an attempt to extract information from Princess Leia regarding the Rebels hidden base. Princess Leia, assuming the destruction and genocide of Alderaan and ultimately her fate to the Empire is inevitable lies to Tarkin and Vader by telling them the rebel base is on Dantooine. Leia then watches the cataclysmic power of the Death Star as her home world is swiftly destroyed. The presence of Kanan, Ezra and the crew on the surface of Alderaan would add even more weight and gravity to Leia's decision. Not to mention her rescue from Luke, Han and Chewie all the more heroic.


This is extremely unlikely but imagine this. The crew of Rebels goes undercover and preforms secret missions for the Rebel Alliance that run concurrent with the events in A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi. Their fate would still have to be explained for the events of the new sequel trilogy but that could be done over time. How cool would it be to see the Rebels secretly pave the way for Luke, Han and Leia and take part in the ultimate downfall of the Galactic Empire. Granted this scenario runs into countless plot holes that the writers would have to be very clever in covering up. One in particular is Ezra.


If only one character is to survive from the cast of Rebels it would most certainly be Ezra Bridger. His arc in the series seems to be leading Ezra towards the ultimate decision of joining the Dark Side or the Light. Before the release of The Force Awakens he was rumored to be several characters including Kylo Ren and even Supreme Leader Snoke. While the latter of the two still holds a morsel of possibility it's not hard to imagine Ezra becoming a secret agent of the Empire and possibly in the future The First Order. Either way we know for sure his future isn't that of a Jedi. As Yoda tells Luke before his death in Return Of The Jedi "when I'm gone, last of the Jedi you will be " that eliminates the possibility that Ezra Bridger is still fighting for the alliance with a lightsaber. That's unless Yoda is just as much of a liar as Obi Wan Kenobi.


What do you think will be the fate of The Rebels?

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