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Shakisaha Harvey-Tervoort

Face painting can be daunting; especially when trying to recreate characters or looks initially created by SFX makeup. But with plenty of trial and error, you can accomplish successful paints.

I started off as an illustrator and beauty makeup artist and thought that it would be a cakewalk when I decided to start face painting... I have never been so wrong about something in my life... Some of my first paints are down right embarrassing and as a artist beforehand it seemed to sting a bit more, knowing that I wasn't as good at this as my other artistic endeavors. But I stuck with it; probably because I had never been challenged like this before, so I was determined to figure it out and create looks that were at least halfway decent.

I still have plenty of room to grow in this realm of makeup. Which is the best part about it. I enjoy the challenges each look brings, and having to troubleshoot the concepts. I recently completed 30 days of face painting, which was a challenge within itself - because there never seems to be enough time... However some of my favorite and more challenging paints were created within those 30 days.

CREEPSHOW 2: "The Raft"
Snow Whites Poison Apple
Creepshow: "Something To Tide You Over"
Witch Doctor

Since the 30 day face painting challenge, I've been compiling a list of various looks to create. Which has inspired me to challenge myself once again. This time, instead of 30 days, this challenge will be for 100 days (the list is pretty long, almost too long). If anyone is interested in to what will be created, or would like info on products/brands I use, or just have makeup questions in general, feel free to connect with me on Instagram - @Shakisaha.


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