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I know there are plenty of readers out there who hang off of every new episode of Orange Is the New Black, the female prison centric dramatic comedy which follows the everyday lives of the inmates. So I won't delay any longer than I have to in showing you the first teaser trailer for the fourth season!

With the tease of a whole lot of new inmates coming into Litchfield at the end of season 3, there are a lot of directions that the show could take from here on out! Things were looking pretty serious in that trailer, with a shot of armed guards charging out of a van, and there was of course the usual splash of comedy to keep things lighthearted. One thing is for sure, the fourth season of the hugely successful show is going to raise the stakes to the max! Let's remind ourselves of how our favourite criminals were left at the end of the third season.

Seeing these happy moments on the show, where everyone forgets about all of the tension between the different groups in the prison, and aren't held in check by the grudges they hold against so many of their fellows. It was a great way to end the season, and showing a glimpse of all the new people arriving is a huge tease, if not quite a cliffhanger to finish on. We saw some very interesting storylines in the last season, including the friendship we never saw coming between Boo and Pennsatucky, the rise and fall of the cult of Norma, and of course the insane power grab of Piper over her empire of panties, which resulted in her destroying Stella and getting her thrown in maximum security just days before she was supposed to get out of prison.

As the show goes on, it seems like characters such as Piper, who was hardly a criminal before coming to Litchfield, become ever more violent and cruel, while characters who appeared to be hardened criminals from the beginning, such as Boo, are now seeming kinder and more light hearted every episode. That's how the twisted prison system works unfortunately, and the show is doing an incredible job of showing that!

Orange is the New Black season 4 hits Netflix June 17th, 2016.


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