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Hi! My name is Micky. I am a filmmaker and I would like to present our new shortfilm project "MY DAYS AS A WOLFMAN".

What happens, if you suddenly look different? If your outward appearance changes extremely from one day to the next? How will you be observed by other people? Your family, friends and colleges?

Or let’s state this question on another way: How are „differently looking people“ accepted in our daily life?

„MY DAYS AS A WOLFMAN“ addresses to this issue in a humorous but also tragic way.

Short view of the content:

Fabulous creatures are part of the society in „MY DAYS AS A WOLFMAN“. People have stopped chasing and killing them a long time ago, but they are also not welcome. Let’s say, they are accepted to a certain grade.

So when Nick walks back home one night, he gets attacked by a werewolf and subsequently transforms to one. After this shocking incident, he loses everything. His girlfriend leaves him, his employer dismisses him and his friends back away from him.

His usual daily life mutates to a nightmare now. Finally he seeks a psychiatrist’s help who is specialized on fabulous creatures. With him, he goes through his suffering story...


Primarily „My Days As A Wolfman“ will be produced for the annual happening Shocking Short Awards. This Short Film Price is awarded since 1999 by 13th Street Universal and serves the funding of the upcoming filmmakers of tomorrow. Besides the possibility that the winners of this price will have the chance to participate at the Universal Studios Filmmasters Program in Los Angeles for two weeks, the nominated films will be transmitted once on 13th Street Universal and in various movie theaters around Germany.

Furthermore, we have another goal to submit „My Days As A Wolfman“ to numerous film festivals around the world in order to reach a high range of attention.

The Production

Based on the fact, that this short film is a low-budget project, the crew as well as all the actors work on an unpaid basis at first glance. Anyway, the production tries to accommodate the involved people with the help of a provision contract.

Notwithstanding the above, there will emerge significant expenses for the implementation of this short film. Below you can find some matter of expenses:

Equipment (camera + lighting ...)

SFX make-up (staging of the werewolf)

Properties (car, small accessoires ...)

Location (various charged locations)

Production (rental cars, catering, gas costs ...)

In order to cover all those expenses, we, as students, are dependent on material and financial sponsoring.

What king of benefit do I have as a potential sponsor for this project?

Your Company Name (and possibly Company Logo) will be presented at the closing credits of the film thanking for your help.

As a sponsor, you are automatically invited to the public premiere.

In case of an accordance to the story, product placement could be another form of benefit

The movie and the related company logo will generate a high range of spectators

„My Days As A Wolfman“ can be used as a marketing activity on behalf of your company.

I would appreciate if you have a look at our crowdfunding website.


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