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Finally after nearly six years the time has come for a top ten Sherlock episodes list!

As many of my friends know I am a huge fan of this show and I tend to geek out many times when talking about any of the episodes, especially my favourites. This meant that choosing this list was very very hard for me and so I'd like to remind you all that this is my personal top ten list and only a bit of this choosing was through critical thoughts. With that said let's get to it! Here are my top ten favourite Sherlock episodes. Expect spoilers!

10- The Blind Baker

When I first decided to make this list I knew that this episode would be number ten. As the second episode of the first series, The Blind Banker is an episode that I just can't remember unless I go through Sherlock episodes one by one. This episode did have many elements that did work for me but as a Sherlock episode, it didn't have the 'wow factor' that I can easily find in other episodes. I still enjoy many aspects of the episode such as the comedic parts it's just didn't have enough in it to go any higher than other episodes.

9- His Last Vow

Yes, yes, I can already feel the heat from the fury of many fans but let me start this off by saying this is the point where rating the episodes becomes very hard for me. Of course I know it's only number 9 but this is what I meant by this list becoming a difficult task for me. Many other fans of the show may find this struggle too if they were asked to give a specific list rather than their favourite episode or least favourite episode and so this is where I bring in my inner critic to try to assemble the middle ground of this list. His Last Vow was the final episode of season three and I though roughly enjoyed it, the most fabulous moment being the mind palace sequence. The main reason why this episode is so low is yet again in comparison to other episodes, in particular to season one and season two's own finale episodes. I also felt that Charles Augustus Magnussen as a villain could have been used further in episodes. That being said, I also loved the way he was taken out. Overall, this episode finds its spot at number 9.

8- The Empty Hearse

The Empty Hearse has to be the next on this list, as we now begin to dive into my favourite episodes. I admit that I did love this beginning to season three. i just feel that among the other episodes, this one felt more like it was reintroducing characters to us. This is not to say that I did not enjoy the episode, I just feel that other episodes flowed better for me when I already knew the characters well and didn't have to catch up as much on their newly developed personalities and traits. Biggest benefit had to be the first appearance of Mary, who is one of my favourite characters and that is why I placed the episode here.

7- A Scandal in Belgravia

I love this episode from the beginning to the end with every aspect of it from the mysterious Irene Adler and her romance with Sherlock to the tensed up opening many fans had been waiting for for a long time. The only reason this episode has been put at number 7 is because I love the following episodes too much to bring this up. That and the fact that I feel that this episode had so much hype around Moriarty and then went off in another direction that I was surprised (pleasantly) by this episode and so had to put it about episodes like The Empty Hearse.

6- The Great Game

The Great Game is the finale to series one of Sherlock and has an appearance of another one of my favourite characters. The psychopathic Moriarty. When I look at this episode all I can see is how it's oozing with puzzles and cases for Sherlock and John to solve. I love the raw juiciness to this episode as whilst I'm trying to figure out the cases themselves in the first watch I also had this looming shadow of questions about Moriarty and when he finally appeared in the last scene, it just pulled the entire episode together. I have to say that I too didn't take Moriarty too seriously until he said that fatal line "That's what people DO!" and then I knew he was a serious psycho needing careful observation from Sherlock.

5- The Hounds of Baskerville

Before I get murdered for putting this episode so high please allow me to remind you that this list is to my personal preferences and so this is why The Hounds of Baskerville is at number 5. Not only did this episode please me through the puzzle it created but also through the massive character development given to Sherlock, John and their relationship. This episode is near to perfect for me, the only thing missing being the fact that it was one of the episodes where I managed to figure out the answer before Sherlock. I almost cry at the amount of times I sat there on my sofa screaming "I'ts the god damn gas!". The only other episode this has happened is A Study in Pink but that's a different story that I will explain further up the list. For now let us enjoy this wonderful episode and the fabulous cameo of a certain Little John, which nearly made me geek out in itself when I saw him. Let me say Gordon Kennedy you were aging pretty good since I saw you last three years ago. You haven't aged a day. Yes I know I'm off track so let's move on to number 4 shall we?

4- The Sign of Three

Again, I love this episode through and through, particularly the way this episode was layed out and written. I loved the wedding. I loved the glances at multiple cases. I loved drunk Sherlock and I absolutely loved the way they all tied in at the end. Well, maybe not the drunk Sherlock part. At number 4 is The Sign of Three and now we see where my brain starts to implode.

3- The Reichenbach Fall

There is such a thin line between this episode from being number 3, 2 or even 1. When writing this list i knew this problem would come along and now is has arisen and I have to try my hardest not to combust at the thought process I had to make to chose the top three. The Reichenbach Fall is my top episode in terms of a series finale and has to be one of my all time favourties simply based on the huge ending and the thousands of questions it created both during and after my viewing of it. Words cannot describe how much I enjoy watching this episode and truly this episode would have become number one if it wasn't for the next two.

2- The Abomniable Bride

Here it is. Number 2. The Abomniable Bride. This episode although recent and very different to other episodes, formed a new kind of love I could have for the Sherlock TV show. This entire episode shows just why I love everyone involved in it. From the writers to the actors to the directors and god damn do I have to love the cinematographers for this episodes. So much eye candy was given to me and the best part was all of the above was multiplied by a million where I watched this in a cinema, which gave me the chance to soak in every frame of this beautiful art. The case itself was so mind boggling that I had no clue how it was possible to be solved until it was and the twists near to the end just made me love this episode more and more. This episode is above The Reichenbach Fall purely because of the perfect imagery and the incredible case and twists that were given. I love it but now it's time to find out my number 1 favourite episode of Sherlock. Drum roll please!

1- ???

Do I even need to say it? By now you have already figured out that A Study in Pink is my all time favourite episode of Sherlock. I have said it many times and I will say it again. This list was painful for me to choose and got harder and harder the higher I got up the list. I would have put The Abomniable Bride or The Reichenbach Fall above this episode but in the end it all came down to one thing. The 'wow factor'. Yes, the others had it too but this episode really stands out for me. You may be thinking "But Charlotte, why have you put this so high when you put The Hound of Baskerville so low?". Well readers, this is because I may have figured out the case at the beginning but that wasn't the meaning of this episode to me and I certainly didn't end up shouting at my TV for it. This episode is special to me because it was the first time I watched Sherlock. Yes, of course it's the first episode but it's the first time I've watched a series and the first episode tells me that I am really going to love the series and all of its characters. I'm not sure how to explain it but with other series it takes me a few episodes to really get into it or to know I'm going to become obsessed with it but with A Study in Pink I quite literally knew I was going to love it from the moment I saw the opening and throughout the episode many moments gave me these shivers down my spine, telling me that Sherlock was a series that I was going to become addicted to. And that is why A Study in Pink is my favourite episode of Sherlock.

Again, I know not all of you will agree with my list and I hope you all understand that this is my top ten list. Feel free to comment below your own list of episodes or even why you would rank some episodes higher than others. I'll also be creating a poll on my page for anyone wanting to vote on it to see which episodes are loved the most by many of the fans of this show. I hope you enjoyed my list and I look forward to your feedback and seeing you in the next one!


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