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I've watched every Batman movie and I love DC

DC has a lot of movies planned. This, in my opinion, is a good thing. But I think these 3 movies could lead to another corner to the universe, as well as adding another layer. I will attempt to leave the descriptions vauge enough so that the villains can be replaced with anyone.

1.The Forever People

This is the only pic I could find sorry
This is the only pic I could find sorry

So many of you are wondering who are The Forever People?Well they are basically New Gods.They come from a planet New Genesis and they are in war with an another planet and Darkseid. The Forever People represent peace,hope and freedom while the other New Gods who represent fear,Anti-life etc.. In this movie the Villains should be the Anti-life Gods because Darkseid will appear in the Justice League movie.and they show their war that was going on for thousand years and that kind of stuff.Now let's go to the characters.The original members are:

1.Beautiful Dreamer

2.Big Bear

3.Mark Moonrider



All of them can combine and become Infinity Man it's like power rangers except when they pose the grass doesn't blow up.

2.Teen Titans

Here because Teen Titans are more popular I am going to use a plot for the movie.

Plot: After it is revealed another alien potentially like superman is hiding among the population, Lex Luthor hires Deathstroke to find her and kill her. She is first discovered and rescued by Nightwing, and they become fast friends.

Meanwhile, the Justice League learns that Lex Luthor sent an assassin after the girl so Cyborg sets out to find her first. While he is tracking her down, Nightwing and Starfire come across the Red Hood, who is still jealous of Dick Grayson. The two fight, but Starfire breaks them up and realizing how important she is, Jason agrees to help protect her.

Deathstroke finds Cyborg and follows him to the three heroes, and gets the drop on Nightwing and Jason Todd as they argue about whether or not to trust Cyborg, incapacitating them. As Deathstroke fights the other two, all the commotion draws the local vigilante Arsenal.

Realizing he is outnumbered, Deathstroke retreats. At this point, the four heroes decide to band together and prepare for his next attack. Slade returns to Lex and asks for backup, so Lex has Deathstroke lead a team to take out the newly formed group. An epic battle ensues, but the heroes win and Deathstroke is thrown back in SuperMax.

The five decide to stay together, and call themselves the "Titans".

End credit scene: The titans are sitting around their new headquarters when Raven bursts in. She tells them that her father Trigon is going to destroy the world and needs to be stopped.

Future Members:

Although by the end credit scene of Titans, the roster will be Arsenal, Nightwing, Red Hood, Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven, there will still be room for other members in the future. Two, in particular need to eventually join. And those are Impulse and Beast Boy. That would make the roster 8 and round out the team.

3.Batman Under The Red Hood

Plot: After hearing reports of a new masked vigilante killing criminals, batman sets out to find the killer and bring him to justice. Upon finding him, he learns that it is none other than Jason Todd, a previous Robin who he believed was dead. Robin then chastises him for letting Joker live after he tortured and "killed" him, and tries to convince Batman to kill the Joker.

Meanwhile, a group of hit men hired by Black Mask ambush them. Batman agrees to help Jason stop Black Mask, but makes him agree not to kill him. Batman and Jason track down and subdue him, but Jason executes him and leaves. Batman tries to stop him but cannot, and is later seen in the Batcave grieving over the old Robin costume of Jason Todd.


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