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Season 2 of Jessica Jones is confirmed, but it wasn't really a surprise. "Jessica Jones is the most watched new show with 4,9 millions viewers in just 35 days." It would it be crazy not to continue. The only reason that we had to wait for that confirmation is because of the complicated situation with the others projects (The Defenders, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil).

Jessica Jones was noticed because is a darker Marvel comic than the traditional movie. They don't focus in how the hero got a superpowers. Wich is a big difference.

Jessica has superpowers, but the show is not all about that. She is just written as a really great characters and I saw her powers as extra things built into someone who has two feet on the ground.

- Krysten Ritter.

They let us discover a new way to see a hero. We know that Jessica Jones is the main character, but it's not because of her superpowers that she's heroic, and that is what we like. Of course, we don't have to forget Trish and Malcom. In a way, we can consider them as heroes without really having any power. Thanks to these two characters, the series looks more realistic.


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