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If you aren't loving the dark, gothic theme that Suicide Squad marketing has been taking thus far, you must be crazy. It seriously looks amazing, and fits so well with the Harley Quinn and Joker mentality too, as they are often considered to be the most playful yet insane characters in the DC Universe. If you don't understand what I mean by this theme, have another watch of the first trailer for the film below.

Now, with the second trailer set to come out during a DC special hosted by Kevin Smith in just a few short days, we are getting an extra special early treat in the form of the first character posters for the film. But they aren't what you're expecting.

They're Drawings!

That's right! The posters are no more than just terrifying drawings of the faces of each character. While the entire poster above is amazing, each face on its own is just terrifying!

The Joker!

Harley Quinn!



El Diablo!

Captain Boomerang!

Killer Croc!


Rick Flag!


Bonus, The Whole Cast In The Flesh!

These posters fit in perfectly with the theme of the film that we have gotten so far, and if you want to find out if the theme will continue into the second trailer, then click on the big blue follow button below to stay right up to date!


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