BySally Shu Fang Lin, writer at

I think the movie "The Forest", it has some horror scenes, but as I a horror fan... I think the movie need more horror in it! The stories very short and I was about to guess what going to happen next throughout the movie! The story is about a pair of twins who has a good, and the other is kind of wild and careless lady also a troublemaker. I meant it needs more of how they are in the process of the search for the other sister the troublemaker sister. They only have a few scenes where they look for the sister. They should make it like the searching sister to went back to the hotel and then send out a search team then she got lost too! Then the search team should go look for them while the devil try to tricks all of them. At dawn, the troublemaker sister run back to her tent while her twin sister fight the devil that is japanese high school girl's body luring her to kill any one that stay with her. Her troublemaker twin sister should able to escape while she went crazy but stable her into a safety physiology setting! I think if the director wrote it like that will be interesting! The end should be the Japanese devil got into the one of twin sister's body while pressing to kill people while they got out to the city!


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