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Bae has become prevelent in todays slang. It is one of the most used words in our society today. So I am here today to dissect the meaning of Bae and give my opinion on what it should be used for. There are a few different ways I have heard people use Bae and personally I use this term all the time. So lets start with the most popular one.

Bae: A person's boyfriend or girlfriend/Shortened version of babe.

This one I have used and hear most people using it in that way. People on the internet kinda just decided that its another way of saying babe. Admittedly I use it in this way too. However, that isn't really what it means. We all just decided to make it that way and since it became used by so many people it was accepted as the true meaning of Bae. So although, in my opinion, this is not the genuine meaning, I will always accept it because well of course I use it too. I love my bae <3

Bae: Before anyone else

After some were skeptical about Bae really being a short version of babe people decided to make an acronym with it. This acronym lines up with also meaning your boyfriend or girlfriend while being for some reason more socially acceptable than the first definition. I honestly use this one too. Instead of using it as a boyfriend thing I just call my closest friends Bae because I love them to death and I put them before anyone else. However is this meaning the real meaning of Bae? Probably not.

Bae: Poop

Many people have gotten annoyed with the term Bae and have been trying to get to the bottom of this conundrum. So some Tumblr people pointed out that the Danish word Bae means poop. So every time you call someone your bae, you are calling them poop. Now I think this one is the real meaning, but I never actually use it...ever. I mean does anyone really? Maybe as a joke, but not really.

This article was prompted by my friend who actually asked me what bae means yesterday. I knew I needed to clear up and inform people who are really behind in slang. Although poop may be the real meaning of bae, if we are completely honest, we will always accept it as being our significant other or our favorite people. If you can't fight pop culture with good enough reasons then join it!


What do you think is the real meaning of bae?


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