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Kurt Arthur

On Tuesday, the new Suicide Squad trailer drops on The CW! These posters are everything that I've come to expect from David Ayer's portrayal of Taylor Swift's entourage, no I mean of a group of super-villains, with explosive chips planted in their necks. Who do you think is cooler - Taylor Swift or Harley Quinn? Did I mention this happens after The Flash - he travels to Earth-2, and uggg.. oh yeah Suicide Squad posters!

I must say I am really digging Enchantress' poster the best. I really love the vivid colors, and the sheer amount of certain death, that radiates from each poster. I also rather enjoy the sense of humor associated with the posters. I really hope that DC will include comedy- as long with plenty of the nastiest villains around. This could be the way that DC will gain ground on Marvel - by developing more nuanced villains, this would only enrich these god-like characters!

Will this unorthodox approach to Suicide Squad work? The first trailer killed in its premiere at Comic-Con - and the fever have been steadily rising in anticipation of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! If Fox's Deadpool, somehow manages to exceed sky-high expectations - would Warner Brothers take a shot, and make Suicide Squad R-rated (we can dream)? As of now, I love all the posters - and I cannot wait to see who will make an appearance with the worst heroes ever!

Watch The CW ,Tuesday @9:00 P.M. - for the new trailer and exclusive footage of Wonder Woman!


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