ByCody Lianheart Hale, writer at

I think they should make a Nightwing movie like have Robin in the begining he gets beat up by the joker badly and he gives up being robin and Alfred makes a new suit and talks to him saying this suit would make u a new man a faster man and a different man and bruce wayne walks in and says try it on and follow me to the batcave and robin trys it on and trys out the gadgets and does his flips and says i love this suit im like a night now bruce says yes you are no longer robin anymore you need a lil bit more training before you test this out in the city and so they trained together in for 2 months and robin finnaly knows how to use the suit and the gadgets and he grew his hair out and he said to bruce wayne so since im not robin anymore whats going to be my new name the black n blue night the night the wing? Bruce spoke and said how about the nightwing robin said that sounds badass i love it im the nightwing its time to go kick some ass are you coming with me bruce? Bruce said let me get dressed we gotta take out the joker and riddler


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