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By the time I have started this post, I have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens three times and absolutely loved it. There was only one unresolved mystery that I had a problem with though, and that was what the hell is going on with Kylo Ren and Rey.

As far as Kylo is concerned, I think that he is a Gray Jedi, but not like what the popular theory is like. My own variation of the theory is that the original Jedi on Ahch-To and their other Temples didn't strictly adhere to the light side, but were Gray Jedi who walked the balance, using both the light side and the dark. These Gray Jedi were probably the majority of the Order during the Height of the Old Republic, but after the defeat of the Sith 1,000 years prior to A New Hope, The Gray Jedi and their philosophes were somewhat forgotten and Dogmatic Jedi who only followed the light became the majority of the Order. But as the Jedi formed barriers on Force Knowledge, the Current of the Force became stagnant and the dark side grew in power and strength.

As a result, Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One's destiny became not only to destroy the Sith and cleanse the current, but to destroy the Old Jedi as well and allow the current to flow freely once more.

Some time after the Balance of the Force was restored, Supreme Leader Snoke began manipulating the grandson of Vader and star pupil of the New Jedi Academy, Ben Solo towards the dark side of the force. Right now, it seems that Snoke was very successful in transforming Ben Solo in to Kylo Ren, but because of how hard it seemed for Kylo to be evil during the movie, I am not so sure that Kylo Ren is truly a villain. What I believed happened in the final days of Luke's Academy, is that Ben Solo, who was with the First Order and Knights of Ren contemplating whether or not to go through with the attack, Ben was visited by the ghost of his idol and grandfather, Anakin Skywalker.

I think that Anakin explained to his lost grandson what the Gray Jedi were and how the were the True Jedi, keepers of the Balance. The former Sith Lord will also probably mention that Ben must finish what he started and destroy Snoke (Plagueis) and that only then the Jedi will be restored to their former glory. Ben must have asked why the Academy has to be destroyed, To which Anakin said that strictly adhering to the light side or the dark causes the Force to fall out of balance.

So Ben Solo is trying to do what his grandfather had asked of him, and while his Uncle is likely a Gray Jedi as well by now, Ben has seemingly fully embraced the dark side of the Force.

Now towards Rey, I only have two things to say about her, she is Obi-Wan's granddaughter, and a former Jedi Padawan at Luke's failed academy. Why do I think that she is Obi-Wan's granddaughter, well, Obi-Wan and Duchess Satine Kyrze of Mandalore had a thing in the Clone Wars and before, so maybe Satine gave birth to a secret child before her death and hid the child away for his own protection. Then there is the fact that the Saga films are starting to branch away from the Skywalkers and focus on other families, so why not have a Kenobi in the Sequel Trilogy?

Secondly, the rain scene has been confirmed as the destruction of Luke's Academy, so it is highly likely that Rey was sent their by her father or mother to train with Luke, who was aware of the Kenobi family and trained Rey's father or mother in the ways of the force as well. Now when you watch the scene, the first thing you see is a man being killed by Kylo Ren before he can kill what appears to be Rey, so is it possible that Kylo actually SAVED Rey? This would do a lot to redeem him in the eyes of some fans for killing Han Solo, so I am going to say that she was saved by Ben Solo and put on Jakku for her own safety.

If everything I have theorized is true, than these two are going to have a very messy relationship, but if you read the title and have played the now non-canon video game Knights of the Old Republic, you are familiar with the story of Revan and Bastila. For those of you who are not, Revan was a Jedi Knight who tried to destroy the reborn Sith Empire but instead formed his own and conquered a third of the known galaxy, and Bastila Shan was a Jedi who led the war effort against Darth Revan and eventually captured and redeemed him, which lead to them killing Revan's former apprentice together and eventually falling in love. So for those of you who are a little slow, The story of Kylo Ren and Rey is a redemption and love story recycled from the EU.

Kylo Ren's New Look
Kylo Ren's New Look

These two aren't exactly on good terms right now, she thinks he is a monster and, she cut his hand off! (I think). How exactly are they going to go from having a burning hatred of one another to falling in love? (imagine that How I Met Your Mother story) Well, for one, Revan and Bastila themselves. These characters are two of the most beloved Old Republic characters, why shouldn't they return to canon, it makes sense from a real world and fan standpoint.

If these two are re-canonized, I think it will be because Rey finds a holocron on Ahch-To that details their story slightly different from KoToR. I would personally like there story to be something like, The Revanchist and The Jedi Queen. This story would likely tell Rey that no one irredeemable and that will kick-start a romantic attraction she will have towards Kylo Ren. The only thing I will say about Kylo falling back in love (if he needs to) with Rey is that he wants to show her that he isn't the monster that she believes him to be.

In Episode VIII I think that there feelings towards one another will grow and in Episode IX they will team up and kill Snoke. After this happens, I'm going to propose an even more absurd theory that I just want to happen for people to say, "WHAT THE DAMN HELLL!" at the end of Episode IX.

As I said, I have no hopes that this is what will happen so don't take it to the extreme. The theory is:

Emperor Ben Solo and a Imperial Solo-Organa Dynasty

Before anyone over reacts, let me explain. In the old EU, Jaina Solo, Han and Leia's daughter, married the Imperial Remnant's Head of State, a man named Jagged Fel, Jag would eventually be declared Emperor of the Fel Empire by the Moff Council and his and Jaina's descendant's would rule the Fel Empire for nearly 100 years until, well, its non-canon so why does it matter how the Fel Dynasty is doing. But that's beside the point, anyways, after the death of Snoke in Episode IX, the First Order Moffs will refuse to surrender to the Republic, which I want a Triumvirate of General Leia Organa, and Grand Admirals Ackbar and Wedge Antilles ruling the Republic, but that probably won't happen, but lets just say it does for the moment. The Triumvirs will give the Moff Council a choice, fight until the First Order is destroyed, or re-form an Empire under the watch of Ben Solo, the grandson of Vader.

Because every Moff ever will chose Ben Solo and peace over war and death, Ben Solo could redeem the Empire by protecting the New Jedi Order as Luke and our new heroes rebuild it. (I think that both Poe and Finn will be Jedi, but more on that later) If this were to happen, it could also set up a Fourth Trilogy that would be eerily similar to the Legacy Comics in the old EU.

Well, that's everything I wanted to speculate about. Let me know in the comments if any of this could potentially happen in Episodes VIII and IX, and remember,

"The Force Will Be With You, Always."


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