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Glorry Mang

I am a big lover of New Girl. When I found out that another season was coming to Netflix I was ecstatic. I was waiting for the new season for months. I cried watching the end of season 3 when Nick and Jess finally became a couple. Everyone wanted that to happen through the whole series and I know I was satisfied when it finally happened. So moving on to season 4. I gave it a 9.4 instead of a 10 for two reasons. The first reason is because Nick and Jess broke up and the didn't explain why! It jumped from season 3 where they finally started dating to season 4 where all of a sudden they had been broken up for a few months. We never got an answer to why one of our favorite couples broke up. I was very dissatisfied by that. Secondly, they introduce personally my favorite love interest of Jess's, Ryan, and they make him a jerk in the end. It isn't logical of them making Ryan a jerk. He continually through the relationship supports and loves her, but all of a sudden he just doesn't call her and doesn't show up at her dad's wedding?! That wasn't the character they made Ryan to be! They just wanted to satisfy the people who wanted Nick and Jess to be together forever. Although they were really cute together, Ryan was just better in every way. That was the bad of the season, but the good outweighed the bad. They did, however, do what we had all been waiting for.

Schmidt and CeCe, my all time favorite couple, got engaged! It drove me crazy that Schmidt was with Gina and CeCe finally confessed her love for Schmidt. I couldn't handle CeCe being the outcast. So when Schmidt proposed to CeCe I burst in to tears. It is what I had always wanted. Coach finally settling down with a girl instead of being a player was also a big plus that made me happy. Although they made Ryan into a jerk in the end, I loved his presence in the show anyway. I mean who doesn't love an attractive, English love interest? We were also all shocked when Winston was actually accepted into the Police Academy! Who knew?! All in all, the actors in New Girl are all amazing at their parts making it enjoyable to all. I do wish each episode was longer, but I don't have control over that. It definitely deserves a 9.4 and I am anticipating the next New Girl season that comes to Netflix.


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