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My mother told me a story about 2 years ago the story she told was like this: Velma's life was a good life, lots of loving friends and very nice teachers. It started when she was at her friend Mary's house, Mary bragged to Velma that she has just recently found a ouija board in her basement under all her decised mother's books about ghost and murders. Mary had offered Velma to play with it, with her. First Velma had told Mary "no, no it's not safe!" Mary had then said "I don't even believe in is. What harm can it do?" Velma had then agreed with Mary to play the dirt old board. They both were laying down on the living room floor right in front of the closet door. Mary asked the board in a sarcastic tone "are you HERE?" And then she giggled a little. Both of there fingers were on the triangle. It moved surprisingly, "H-E-l-l-O" it had spelled. It kept moving "1-2-3-4.." It's stopped at 4 and then the door slammed shut with a loud BANG! Velma had then yelled at Mary for lying to her and started to cry. She raced out Mary's house and headed to hers. The whole way home Velma felt something following her. She ran inside her house and locked the door. When she walked in her room there was red "paint" on her wall it was a star with a circle outside of it also know as the devil sign. That night on her living room couch Velma was fast asleep when all the sudden in her dreams she felt like someone was strangling her, she wasnt fighting back anymore she was almost dead. Then it stopped, she woke up and still felt like something had been choking her, there was a light bruise around her neck. The next night she had fallen to sleep. She apparently never woke up. Her parents had found her the next morning with a knife to the throat and immediately called 911. Police had thought someone had stabbed her in the throat and then discovered that the finger prints matched to a yong girl that was about 12-15 years old. She died in 1912. About 89 years before they found Velma's body. When my mother had ended the story she had soul black eyes and she said me good girl, good girl.


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