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Pizza is my homie
Ariel Schiller

Paul Giamatti is ruthless as ever as ball-busting U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades. Damian Lewis plays Bobby Axelrod, owner of a successful hedge fund company and man of the people. Five minutes into the pilot you already sense that Rhoades and Axelrod are going to butt heads, especially when Rhoades' wife works for Axelrod. With great supporting actors like Maggie Siff and Malin Ackerman it's exciting to see how these stories will intersect. I was worried when I turned on billions that I would get lost in all the technical jargon, but the writers keep it simple and easy to understand. I am excited to see where this show will go; hell in the first episode there's a suicide and people getting pissed on, literally! This is the type of show that you HAVE to be fully invest in in order to keep up. However, I am anxiously waiting with breath that is baited to see what kind of trouble Bobby finds himself in this week.


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