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Baldwin Collins

This film will probably surprise everybody at this years 2016 academy awards. especially being Nominated for 12 Oscars. It's hard to review this film without spoilers, I found this film very engaging, the story wastes no time in putting the audience in the heart of the wilderness. Leonardo Dicaprio plays the true to life Trapper Hugh Glass. Set in the period of (1823) The Group of Trapper's that Glass belongs to, are commanded by Captain Andrew Henry,

But the Hunting party are regularly Hunted and killed by the Indian Native's called the Arikara tribe. The film Opens with a scene of Hugh Glass on one of his it seems, Hunting Missions. on his way Back to the camp, he meets upon the sudden attack by the Arikara indians. Nearly killing everybody, some of the Trapper Hunters Manage to Escape from the Ambush. Captain Henry played by Domhnall Gleeson Fears that his party is in Constant attack by the Indians.

However Hugh Glass has strayed away from his Hunting party and is in search of Hunting animals for food, when he's suddenly attacked by a Mother bear whose protecting her young cubs. there's several eye-opening scene's like the Bear attack. But what makes this film hold you're attention, is when Leonardo's Character is wounded and abandoned by his Trapper Hunting party. Tom Hardy gives a riveting performance as the Antagonist John Fitzgerald. Forrest Goodluck gives a moving performance as Hugh Glass's son Hawk.

However we see Hugh glass's wife in Flashbacks, played by Grace Dove. this epic western Build into a nail biting fight for survival scene's by Leonardo Dicaprio. Most of his acting scenes have Little or no Dialogue. But Dicaprio's power of Facial suffering and determination to survive, is Great acting. Looking forward to see director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarrita and his production crew take home most of the Oscar Awards. Will Leonardo Dicaprio finally win an academy award for his performance ? only time will till. ''The REVERANT'' A must see film if you haven't seen it yet.


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