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Happy New Year!

2015 was a hugely successful year for the theme park business overall. The Disneyland Resort did such a nice job keeping the parks refreshed and adding some fun new experiences.

Now it’s time to turn our attention to what’s ahead in 2016!

Enjoy this week’s Disneyland Resort photo update!

The off-season has begun at the Disneyland Resort, along with attraction closures in Frontierland and Rivers of America. Time for Star Wars Land construction to begin!

Note the red and green framework to the middle left. That's the rear of ToonTown's mountain facade and our reference for where Star Wars Land will go, right next to it.

Just speculation, but one has to assume some or all of this backstage area will be absorbed by the new land. Pretty exciting!

Let's head inside Disneyland on this gorgeous winter afternoon!

I love this time of year at the parks. Cooler temperatures, manageable crowds, vibrant winter colors.

Home of the saddest horses on Earth since they unfortunately had to be put down due to Star Wars Land construction. Just kidding. They are alive and well at their new home.

So this is one rumored entry point to the new land. But wait a second. Do you see what I see in this photo???

A worker with a hard hat! OMFG this is now a construction zone! It has begun!

This area still smells like a petting zoo, so yeah, lots of work to be done! If Star Wars Land smells like a petting zoo when it opens, though, we'll know the park is haunted.

I wonder how much of the natural landscaping will be incorporated into the theming of the land. I bet a lot of these trees will remain.

Walking along the back path of Frontierland, will this be another entry point to the land? Will this be sealed up for good?

Or will they leave it open during construction and tease us?

OMFG Star Wars Land is through there.

Probably they should seal it. Otherwise, I'm liable to swim across the moat and live inside the land until they catch me.

This is a "PG-13" view of Star Wars Land.

Star Wars on the other side of the trees from the Rivers of America.

Look, if they don't start soon, I'll just build the thing myself!

Disneyland looked great today!

I hope Disney announces an official name for “Star Wars Land” soon.

Lots of speculation about the construction timetable. Disney seems to want this land opened yesterday. Cars Land took 5 years, but they are much more incentivized to get Star Wars open a lot sooner. I recently heard rumblings of 1 year, but that is highly unlikely. When you think of the scale of this project, the test and adjust phase of not one, but two E-Ticket attractions, plus the desires for this to be an immensely fulfilling experience, there’s just no way.

I’m thinking 3 years. That feels like the right sweet spot, opening nicely ahead of Episode IX by a few months.

2016 is going to be a massive year for the resort.

Let me get my shovel and help to start digging! Maybe it will open sooner!

– jerhow


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