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Arguably one of the best Sci-Fi films out there AND one of the best, and sadly most underrated movies of 2015. Feels like this movie hid under the shadows of other big blockbuster movies when it should have been given the credit it's due. 'Ex Machina' by Alex Garland is one of the movies which has no problem roping you into their storyline and just when you think you've understood the movie and you've figured it out, Garland catches you at surprising corners with some captivating turns. If you're the type who enjoys having your brain fried with mentally stimulating guesses throughout the movie - this is for you.

The movie centers around four (yes, only four ) characters in their mini mind games with one another; continual toss and turn of "who is the robot now?" - following the Turing test of artificial intelligence (geez, thank God it's ONLY four!). I'm not really big on sci-fi and quite frankly, I haven't been impressed by 'robot' movies lately, with the exception of Wall-E and Star Wars, but Garland really brought in such an engaging feel to the Sci-Fi collection that I would really watch it again JUST to psych myself. But don't worry, it's not one of those movies that mess you up, but you start patching the pieces together again later.

Ex Machina is an elegant and mesmerising movie that is complicated in essence but not confusing to understand, one with stunning visuals and complex concepts, upheld by the unique character development by four character, performed stunningly by Alicia Vikander (whom I think should have really got an Oscar nom for this!), Domnhall Gleeson (always thought he had a geeky look to his acting...and is in too many Oscar nominated 2015 movies - Star Wars, Brooklyn, Revenant - sure, let's just find a random English man to star as an extra hehe) and Oscar Isaac (who obviously brings humor into the movie).

Trailer available at: (and don't expect to get anything out of it...or do... ;) )


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