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If Hunter Zolomon were really Zoom, why did he just started to bother The Flash after the breaches from Earth-2? It makes no sense whatsoever, that he's been around since Earth-1. Why didn't he try to to take the Reverse-Flash speed? Hunter Zolomon might be Jay Garrick's Earth-2, his real name, either way this is crazy!

Spoilers.. The Flash.... Season 2

Let's start by stating that the writers of The Flash, are incredibly talented individuals! This show blends action, comedy, and drama like nothing else on television. The debate on the identity of Zoom- it's either Henry Allen, Barry Allen, Eddie Thawne from Earth-2. All of these characters - you could easily make an argument that anyone of them could be Zoom. I would stand and applause if the showrunners decided to have Nora Allen, from Earth-2, be the greatest antagonist in the Arrow/Flash Universe! (Sorry Darhk - that would be crazy,shocking,but awesome!) The one thing that all fans can agree - whoever Zoom is, he's probably an established character in the show's cast,

Why it's not Henry,Eddie, or Barry

First off, it's not Barry from Earth-2, primarily because Grant Gustin, recently said no evil-doppelganger for Mr.Allen. But there's a pattern emerging from Earth-2 - whatever character Zoom sends after Barry, they're usually Earth-1's evil doppelgangers (more so). Also, fighting oneself does not have the gravitas, like fighting one's mentor,father, or friend (think season finale) - this is usually save for mid-season, and usually the battle is fought in the hero's mind.

Now that Eddie's story have been thoroughly resolved - it would seem lazy to retread over the same material. The beginning of the season spent time cultivating Barry's heartache, after he sacrificed his life to stop the Reverse-Flash. Rick Cosnett, would be more than welcome to re-join the cast - but not as the most dangerous villain this universe have ever encountered!

The main similarity between Zoom and Henry are their physicality - it was very odd sending Henry away camping, right after being released from prison (is it a red herring - and the fishing reference, about bait when Barry fought Zoom). The most perplexing part of one of the last episodes - when Zoom forced Harrison into helping make The Flash faster by kidnapping his daughter (faster, once again).

When Barry travels to Earth-2, one of the biggest questions - is Nora Allen alive? I understand why people believe John Wesley Shipp, is Zoom. If this is true, than the Earth-1's Henry is probably dead - and Barry would have to go through the traumatic ordeal of losing another parent. I am a huge fan of Joe West and Henry Allen - Barry's father could be Zoom, but..........

Jay Garrick is ZOOM!

1. How do you fall from a singularity - without the Speed Force, and sustain no injuries?

Yes, we did not see Jay Garrick for awhile after the singularity hit Central City - and his injuries could have healed (He would've fell from a building!) He came in the beginning of the season, and announced our world is in danger! Yes, in the show, they played a flashback of the fight with Zoom. I'm waiting for Cisco a.k.a Vibe, to pick something up.When the breach opened in Earth-2 and sucked Jay in - did the massive one hurling over Central City spit him out, or did one open at S.T.A.R Labs? Jay Garrick appearing from out of thin air - have not sit well, since the premier.

2. His knowledge of the Speed Force compared to Barry's.

Besides the similar designs of Earth-2's Flash costume, with Zoom's - how does Jay Garrick know so much about the Speed Force? I think the writers had Jay treat the Speed Force like a religion - just like in Episode IV Star Wars: A New Hope, like Vader did with the force. What makes this suspicious, Barry was learning from a seasoned veteran - Eobard Thawne(from the future) of the Speed Force. Who was teaching Jay - who was basically becoming The Flash, at the same-time as Barry? (Also he's supposedly slower than Barry, could Jay have a master, or just be that much better?)

3. Why is Zoom stealing speed and why doesn't Jay not know more about it?

Just to accumulate Speed Force?
Just to accumulate Speed Force?

So, Jay is basically saying - Zoom is some vampire, Speed Force demon? If Henry Allen is Zoom, this could potentially hurt the show - by not having Henry available when Barry needs 'thattaboy' moment. Yet, if Zoom is like Venom - then it would explain the wrinkles on his mask, if Henry Allen is Zoom. Do you really want to see a crossover next season with Jay Garrick? No, not really, therefore he would be the perfect villain - to shock and awe this season! I personally, would love to see this twist, especially after he's been fooling Team Flash this season as a do-gooder scientist. (Or does it feel more like a season one rip-off?)

4. Jay Garrick blames Harrison Wells for Meta-humans - kidnapping his daughter is one form of payback!

Killer Frost and Deathstorm
Killer Frost and Deathstorm

Jay and Harrison have been at odds, because of Wells' creating Meta-humans! Was this smart foreshadowing, and could Jay be jealous that others are taking the spotlight off Zoom? Why do all this foreshadowing, (Wells' daughter was there at S.T.A.R Labs in Jay's Flash introduction & Jay just missed her from Zoom) unless the situation has a greater impact on the story. Could this all be random, and Henry Allen kidnapped Jessie , just to force Harrison to do his bidding? We'll find out, but if I am watching it correctly - it is a lot more elaborate, than a simple kidnapping. The obvious reason is he kidnapped Jessie 'Quick' Wells, to have Harry do his bidding. But, maybe he's trying to convert her into a speedster - and who knows we'll find out!

5. Everything Else

Does Jay Garrick remind you of Grant Ward, in season one of Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D? Why was Eobard Thawne, freaked out when he saw Jay's helmet, in season one ? I just watched Jay's doppelganger from Earth-1 and I am not buying it. If Zoom is as fast as he supposedly is, he could easily make a speed mirage to fool Caitlin - so she'll stop doing these tests. First I thought Zoom was siphoning-speed, so he could travel to other worlds like 'Supergirl's' - now I believe he needs the speed to stop whatever sickness that's taking over his body. People thought I was crazy that I thouhgt Jay was Zoom, and I cannot wait to read the comments tomorrow. If I read articles about how Zoom is Jay tomorrow, I wonder if I get any mentions about my theory (probably not) So please comment, and tell me how I could still be wrong!

The Flash returns on Tuesday the 19th, @8 P.M. on The CW - and followed by an exclusive-look at the DC Extended Universe!


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