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I have a book shelf full of Star Wars books and the heart of a geek.
Lisanne Nichole Krebs

Everyone, Star Wars fans and even non-fans, all have their own opinion on which trilogy from Star Wars is the best. You have the older crowd, the younger, and the new. The older crowd consist of those who were alive during the original trilogy and think that it will forever be the best trilogy. The younger crowd, grew up with the original and saw the new trilogy in theater. The new crowd are those of the ones of today, with the new trilogy going on at the moment.

So which trilogy is the best? It is a rhetorical question. Both sides of the spectrum will argue that the old/new is the better trilogy mainly because of computer graphics. Others believe that the original was better because of the fact the story was original and new at the time. Many have argued this question for years.

I personally do not have a preference on either trilogy. I love all movies and it is hard to come up with which trilogy is the better. If I really had to choose, I would pick the original. Why? Because of the time and how it broke through all boundaries with the movies. The creatures, weapons, the unlimited creativity that the Lucas team had was original, it was smart, and it was breathtaking.

So, for the fans out there, what is your opinion on the subject? Which trilogy is your favorite and why? Are you part of the older crowd and born during the time of the original movie? There should be a poll on how many answer to which side.

May The Force Be With You, Always.



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