ByAvery Hawkins, writer at

I recently re-watched all of the Starwars again(mainly the prequels) and I found something out its hinted at in the first two and if you pay close enough and study sith lore its revealed that Darth Plagues is in Darth Palatines body. In the scene where Anakin is at the opera with Palatine, Palatine tells the story of Darth Plagues and how he "died" the one thing people miss is he was basically immortal so being killed in his sleep seems a bit unlikely, give Darth Bane path of destruction, rule of two, and dynasty of evil a read, they expand common knowledge of the sith and there powers anyway Plagues was so powerful he could use essence transfer to put his conscious into his apprentices body in an attempt on his life it would them become a battle of the mind Plagues being the stronger sith would win and then be able to assume the role of his apprentice a new face a new life in revenge of the sith halfway through the Windu Palatine fight, there's a change in his voice and attitude after the fight his face even though wrinkled looking deep in his eyes you can tell that the body was just a shell housing one of the greatest evils in the universe, when you think about it this isn't that far fetch plus if Plagues created Anakin and what better way to ensure your universal conquest goes right than to oversee it personally.

Please tell me what you think of this theory.


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