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Dragon Ball Super episode 27 is now available online. I would like to start with saying that this episode was satisfying. And I would recommend everyone to watch this episode. It’s better from every angle compared to what we saw in the last few episodes. And story wise I would say some scenes are even better than the Resurrection F movie. Totally, worth it I must say.

This episode officially marks the end of Resurrection F saga. Say Good Bye to Frieza. The episode started with Frieza torturing Goku. Obviously, Vegeta stepped in and saved Goku. His Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan transformation gave me chills! He says I surpassed Legendary Super Saiyan and the powering up looked cool. It was longer and better presented. The combat was also brutal. You can actually hear Golden Frieza’s ribs cracking; Vegeta was just simply ruthless.If you are a Vegeta fan you are going to love this. No major alteration of the story-line from the movie. Vegeta absolutely overpowers Frieza he loses stamina and goes back to final form. And then decides to destroy Earth. I think the Earth explosion scene is better in this episode than in the video. In the movie it just blows up. But, here we actually get to see all the major characters that are not in the fight. We see Chi Chi, Videl and Pan, Bulma’s parents, Mr. Satan and Buu, Goten and Trunks. They were all unaware of it. And suddenly the Earth explodes. Also the explosion scene was animated properly. So, I must say you should watch this episode because a couple of scenes including this major explosion of Earth is better than the movie. Then, just like the movie Whis explains how he can reverse time and he does exactly that. This time reversing is so cool! It would be awesome if Goku could learn it sometimes. The earth is restored and Goku takes out Frieza with a climatic Kamehameha. Here, we get to see the steps Goku took. He powers up and prepares a Kamehameha flies towards Frieza and kills him. This scene could’ve been better. However, it was different and I liked it.

The Animation quality of this episode was quite good. Nothing much to complain about; there were not many sloppy frames. But, they still lacked the smoothness they had in the movie. But, this improvement hints that they might offer us better Animation Quality in the Champa Arc. Because, if you think about it Dragon Ball Super is actually starting from the next episode. What we saw up until now was kind of warm up for them and they might have wanted to raise some fund and get the team together. Because, the story was already shown in the movie; so, fans were not really too excited about these episodes.

The ending of the episode was very good. It got the Dragon Ball Z type of fight. Gohan went back to Videl. There was this very big celebration party like the old times. Beerus and Whis joined the food fest. It’s interesting how they are becoming so friendly you know! The God of Destruction doesn’t always do that. These scenes were like very refreshing and it feels like we are all prepared for this new saga to come you know! Picollo is revived off-screen which makes his death look more pointless. There’s a Goahn-Picollo casual moment, where Gohan actually expresses his intentions to train again. You know what I actually think Dragon Ball Super has big big plans for Gohan. If you already read chapter 7 of DBS manga you can check that video out. ( ) If you haven’t read the Manga yet and want to find out what happens next. You can check this 32 mins review of chapter 7 and predictions of chapter 8. ( The episode ends with a shot of Frieza at his version of Hell.

However, be prepared for a ride because Dragon Ball super is starting from the next episode in real sense. The advertisements are everywhere. I bet they are taking it seriously and we will finally be able to enjoy it.

At the end, we see the preview of episode 28; looks like we are going to some Beerus vs Champa action on the next episode and a lot of Vados and Champa.



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