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It's been a helluva year for Lady Gaga. I don't think there's a single person out there who can deny that. Among her peers, even the superbly talented Adele, Lady G has surpassed numerous boundaries once thought impossible to achieve. She made audiences swoon with her portrayal of Countess Elizabeth on [American Horror Story: Hotel](tag:3561561), she was nominated and then received her very first Golden Globe Award, and finally, she's nominated for an Oscar alongside the legendary songstress Diane Warren for penning the captivating ballad, 'Till It Happens To You.'


The song, which she also sings, was written for The Hunting Ground, a documentary detailing the increasingly negligent behavior of colleges in response to rape cases that flood their prestigious environment.

Soon after the news broke that Lady Gaga had been nominated, she let the world know to who it was she was dedicating this great honor. She took to social media site Twitter to share her thoughts and to thank the Academy for celebrating how much the song has meant to the survivors of sexual assault.

Lady Gaga recently performed the song live during a show where Billboard named her Woman of The Year at their annual Women In Music event.

And to think, that's not even where she left it. Rumors suggest she's all in for American Horror Story Season 6 when it gets ready to kick off this fall, but she herself confirmed that she is planning to release her yet to be titled fifth studio album at some point this year.

In the words of Taylor Swift, "Is it just me or is Lady Gaga really living right now?"


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