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At last week's Golden Globes, America's sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence did what we all expected she would, she swept up a big shiny 'Best Actress for Motion Picture Musical or Comedy' award for her leading role in Joy. Unfortunately however, her big win has been somewhat overshadowed thanks to the drama surrounding how she spoke to one reporter that night.

If you missed it, Lawrence was answering press questions when one reporter piped up, seemingly from behind his phone, and the actress instantly gave him a ticking-off:

"You can't live your whole life behind your phone, bro. You can't do that. You gotta live in the now."

Here's the moment in action:

Considering the universal adoration for the Hunger Games star, the reaction to her scolding has been quite surprising, with Twitter users taking to the site to share messages of disapproval towards the young actress. Such as this:

and this:

Amidst plenty of other messages accusing Lawrence of impatiently berating someone whose first language isn't English, and branding her as hypocritical, some have had enough of the Internet's wildly exaggerated reaction. One person seriously rolling their eyes in your general direction is Anne Hathaway. So much so, she's written a little letter, and it's bang on point.

Dear the Internet,It's become pretty clear that the Jennifer Lawrence "scolding" was taken out of context and that she...

Posted by Anne Hathaway on Friday, January 15, 2016

Dear the Internet,

It's become pretty clear that the Jennifer Lawrence "scolding" was taken out of context and that she was dryly joking with a journalist who was indeed using his phone to take photos of her.

Let's not continue the sad but common practice of building people - especially women- up just to viciously tear them down when we perceive them to have misstepped. Jennifer is a beautiful, talented, wildly successful, popular, FOUR TIME OSCAR NOMINATED young woman. Please let us not punish her for these things.


A J-Law fan

‪#‎supportstrongwomen‬ ‪#‎imwithher‬ ‪#‎whycantwegiveloveonemorechance‬

It's hard to pick a best bit out of this awesome, zero fucks given, exasperated, finger-wag of a message. She's highlighted the real issue of belittling and bullying successful, talented women in the media, by simply delivering a few lines which Hello Giggles translates as: “Hey, you know how we undermine women’s accomplishments by tearing them down over things we don’t really fully understand? Let’s maybe stop.” So true.

But not only that, the post acts as a tidy reminder to all to not always believe what you read in the press, while simultaneously outing Hathaway's strong hashtag game. So, all in all, thumbs up.

Of course, though the Les Misérables actress is perhaps the most high-profile celeb to wade into this , she isn't the only person who thinks the Internet is acting unfairly:

So, what do you think? Have JLaw's comments been taken out of context? Does Anne Hathaway have a point about how we treat successful, famous women? And, do you think the Internet's reaction would have been different if JLaw were male?

Source: Cosmopolitan, Hello Giggles


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