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Last week, Deadpool fans rejoiced following the news that the film was given the much desired R-rating, giving the popular anti-hero free reign to run riot. The majority feels this is the rating the Merc with a Mouth deserves.

But what about those who aren't so happy? Amongst them is 8-year-old Matthew, who is so desperate to see the film he wrote his mother Christina a letter explaining why.

Christina, a viewer of Youtube channel Beyond the Trailer, sent the letter to host Grace Randolph explaining that in addition to the R-rated version, a PG-13, child friendly cut should also be released to cinemas.

Deadpool himself 'expresses' his opinion
Deadpool himself 'expresses' his opinion

Grace responded by launching a petition, which has now accrued almost 3,000 signatures, asking Fox the release the additional, lower rated and toned down version.

Before we move on to whether Fox should comply, let's look at Matthew's quite frankly adorable reasons. Titled 'To Mom: Reasons why I want to see Deadpool, the letter explains:

1. I Like The Trailer A Lot

Don't we all Matthew, don't we all.

Above is the raunchy red band trailer, which I'm assuming Matthew hasn't seen. However, let's face it, this one is better, so we'll stick with that one for now.

2. I Do My Homework All The Time

3. He Is Funny All Of The Time

Deadpool hasn't just made his mark via the turbo charged trailer. Reynolds's viral marketing clips prove he's the perfect fit for the character and yes, he is funny pretty much all of the time.

4. I Watch X-Men

Deadpool by nature is much, much more x-rated than the X-Men themselves.

5. I Promise To Cover My Eyes If You Tell Me

This is an important topic. We'll come back to this shortly, but for now, I'll leave you with this comment from Grace:

"The problem is, as we’ve seen from the red band trailer alone, this movie is just riddled with swear words. He’d have to completely cover his eyes and his ears for the entire movie."

6. I Promise To Clean My Room And I Like Superheroes A Lot

Oh Matthew! How can Fox possibly say no to you?!

So, Should Fox Release A PG-13 Version?

It's important to note that children can attend an R-rated film, as long as they are accompanied by an adult. As Matthew himself says above, he can cover his eyes and ears, right?

The issue here is, Deadpool is so saturated with all things adult that a PG-13 rating would require a drastic edit. As one user (under a pseudonym, I won't disclose for decency reasons) replied to the petition:

Once you remove the graphic violence of Deadpool slicing people up with his katanas and blowing their brains out with endless guns, more swearing than every Eminem album put together AND a bunch of sex and nudity; I'm sure there'd be plenty of family-friendly footage left over to fill the timeslot of an average commercial break.

And therein lies the problem. Although it is a shame young fans may miss out, Deadpool has the rating for a reason and an alternative version would lose its edge. And let's not forget, films such as Watchmen, Blade and Sin City all had R-ratings, too.

Unfortunately, youngsters may just have to simply wait. Sorry Matthew.

You can watch the full video below:

'Deadpool' is released on February 12th.

Source: Beyond The Trailer


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