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Hey Guys! - In anticipation of the upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, set to released March 25th, we thought we'd run down the top five reasons why we think Ben Affleck will be the best Batman that we’ve seen so far! Starting with Bruce Wayne's character arc, all the way down to his voice!

You can check out our list in the video below! (Trust me, you'll like it - it has Jon Bailey from Screen Junkies/Honest Trailers in it!)

Or if you don't feel like watching our video, we'll run down our list right now for you!

5. The Suits!

Ben Affleck In His Metal Suit
Ben Affleck In His Metal Suit

Number 5 on our list is the suits! One of the indisputable differences between this new batman and the previous ones, is his suits. Not just specifically his hulk-buster styled new one, but his regular one.

Regular Batman Suit
Regular Batman Suit

These two suits were adapted in such a perfect way from Frank Miller's 'The Dark Knight Returns', that it feels like they literally jumped off the pages!

Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns
Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns

4. This Batman's Comic Accuracy

Number 4 on our list is that unlike previous batmen, Ben Affleck's portrayal is closely following the comics! Everything from his look to the way he presents himself.

And not only is it just his portrayal of Batman, but also his portrayal of Bruce Wayne! I think one of the majors things that's undeniable without us even watching the film, is that Affleck definitely emulates Batman and Wayne perfectly!

3. We're Getting A Much More Older and Seasoned Batman/Bruce Wayne!

So number 3 on our list is probably one of the coolest reasons! And that's because this Batman is way more seasoned than anything we've seen (on screen) so far!

And although Christian Bale's performance was great, I think we all can agree that his batman reached his limits with Bane. This Batman however, doesn't even blink at the sight of Superman!

And to top it off, we're catching this Batman in his later years, at an age where he's already been through everything and discovered who he is and who he wants to be!

2. The Voice!

Ok so to be honest for number 2, it's really hard to tell you just how badass this voice is without you listening to it! So if you weren't planning on watching our video above, I'd suggesting maybe just skipping to part where we discuss this! Or check out this clip from the movie!

Go ahead I'll wait.......

Tell Me... Do You Bleed... You Will!


Ok great you're back! Wasn't that badass?! And in comparison to other Batman attempts, it's without question the best!

1. This Is Post-Robin's Death!

Wayne staring at robin's old suit
Wayne staring at robin's old suit

So last and number 1 on our list is the fact that this Batman is the first on-screen portrayal where we get to see Batman after the events of Robin's death. We catch up with him after he's already been dueling with The Joker for years, and we get to see what that's done to his psyche and his outlook!

Alright guys! That will complete our Top 5! If you liked this video/article, we'd love if you'd share and subscribe! :]


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