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Fans of Marvel comics have been somewhere close to the edge of sanity ever since Netflix announced that they would be bringing Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher, to life in Season 2 of Daredevil...

So there's a pretty good chance that thousands of nerds out there will fall merrily into the precipice when they hear that Jon Bernthal's fearsome villain is getting his own spin-off series.


The news was reported by the Hollywood Reporter, who note that the deal hasn't been inked yet but that talks are ongoing as part of Netflix's plan to drop a new original series every single week of the year.

Presumably Netflix will wait to see how the audience responds to Frank Castle in Daredevil, but I think it's safe to say we'll all be begging them to lower the drawbridge and give us a double dose of Punishment.

Which classic Punisher stories could Netflix bring to life?

Ever since his first appearance in 'Spiderman #129' as a thug for hire, the ex-Marine turned flame-throwing, machine gun-wielding marksman and knife artist has been thrilling comic book fans with his trademark thirst for violence.

Don't go thinking Castle is just a villain, though: in some issues he fits more into the box of antagonistic fighter out for vengeance, such as the 'Up is Down, Black is White' story arc, in which the villainous mobster Nicky Cavella literally films himself taking a leak on the freshly dug up corpses of Frank's murdered family.

As you can imagine, Castle doesn't take too kindly to that, taking out Cavella's henchmen one by one until only two men remain standing. It's classic Punisher.

If Punisher does get his own series, it's likely that the writers will want to embrace his anti-hero status, rather than make him an all-out villain, so some kind of origin story might be on the cards.

In 'Year One', the Punisher's family have just been brutally murdered, and he's caught between a desire to end it all and his thirst for revenge. The latter wins out, and it's this arc which develops some of his most famous character traits, like his unflinching determination to kill when he deems it necessary.

Alternatively, the Punisher of 'Welcome Back, Frank' exists in a far more surreal world. And by surreal, I mean the kind of world in which a violent man takes his anger out on a polar bear.

Whichever route Netflix decides to take Frank Castle down, this Punisher spin-off has massive potential to be something really unique, even in the realm of Hell's Kitchen and the reluctant superheroes who populate the neighborhood.

We're never asked to like the Punisher, and that's exactly why we love him. Do us proud, Netflix.


Which Netflix/Marvel series are you most stoked for?


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