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We all know that Hollywood and other film industries pump out hundreds of films every year but which ones should be the next on their list?

Avatar The Last Airbender

Although this show has been adapted to film in the past, it was seen as a flop in terms of not understanding what the fan base wished for. Instead of a grand epic story and lovable characters fans were met with bland characters, incorrectly pronounced names and the painful directing of Shyamalan. I feel that this show could be brought justice in the film industry in the next few years if given the correct director, screenplay writers and cast. Along with this and the newly produce Legend of Korra, a film either as an adaption of the shows or as its own story in the same world could become a huge hit.

The Story Of Kurt Gerron

This film would be perfect for any director wanting to have an Oscar under their belt. Not only is Gerron's story inspiring but it also fits the 'Oscar quota' of being a true story, being in a world war two/ holocaust setting and having a main character that is an actor/director. As some of you can tell I rather enjoy watching Mat Pat, a film theorist. In one of his theories he created the formula for the perfect film to almost guarantee an Oscar for any director. Following this, he then gave us the story that would guarantee to meet all of the elements needed to fit in this formula. The story of Kurt Gerron, who was a jewish actor and director during world war two. The story itself is fascinating and I encourage many of you to go seek out the theory yourself, as Ii believe this film has to be made simply on the premise that we would all want to see if it won an Oscar or not.

Save The Planet

This film is not particularly anything specific but the general idea around it is a film to convince those who watch it that they need to help prevent global warming, deforestation etc. I know there are plenty of films out there that try to do this but only a few do it in a subtle way that also has great impact on their audience without throwing it in their face.

Jekyll And Hyde The Musical

One of my favourite pieces of literature, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde has been adapted in various ways over the years, one of which being a musical. Of course the story of Jekyll and Hyde has been told through film before but not yet through a film adaption of the musical, which I am a huge fan of mainly for the music. I feel that this film would be a great success and also with ITV bringing in their own adaption of the story to television, I feel that now would be the right time to tell the story in a musical way.

The Count of Monte Cristo

Another literature piece, musical and previously adapted film, The Count of Monte Cristo tells a compelling story about love, mercy, betrayal and vengeance. I'm sure many of you haven't heard of this before and so I advice you to look it up, as I feel this film would be a big hit regardless of whether it was an adaption of the book or the musical. The musical's songs are entrancing and the plot itself is adventurous and will hook you within the first moments.

The Angel Trilogy by L.A.Weatherly

A few years ago I began reading L.A.Weatherly's Angel trilogy and I was hooked from the second I read the first chapter. This story is about a teenage girl, who has to go through the struggles of supernatural events occurring, which leads to an action packed adventure. I would compare a film like this to The Host, Divergent, The Hunger Games and many other book adaptions similar to those I have listed. This film would not only have a pre existing fan base but also give the chance for directors to have their own vision impact on the way this story is told.

Robin Williams

A beloved comedic actor, Robin Williams unfortunately passed away in 2014. I feel that a film based on his life and career would give many the chance to say a proper farewell to this star and also to show the problems of living with depression. This film would be brilliant to also show the many aspects of a star's life and also to bring out the most colourful moments in Robin William's life.

SeaWorld No More

SeaWorld is a large scale theme-park-like entertainment aquarium. It is also a prison for many mammals and fish. This is why I encourage for a film to be made to convince people to shut down SeaWorld or even just ensure that they treat the creatures they keep properly. There has already been a documentary made called Blackfish that does this in a strong way and so I would advise a film to be made that doesn't directly go against SeaWorld but perhaps to show a Dolphin or an Orca's life in and out of an aquarium similar to SeaWorld whilst still being subtle and having a strong message by the end. Maybe a good way to create this film would be through a children's animation or cgi film so yet again the message doesn't come across as too strong and is seen as something our future generations should watch.

First Person

This time a style of filming, I feel that it is about time for a mainstream first person film to come along and wow us with its originality. Yes, there have already been films with this style but it is usually only in short scenes. I feel that a full length film made in this way would be a great way to style an action film. There are many ways I have thought directors could use this and several thoughts of mine include but not limited to, video games, superhero, fantasy, apocalypse and the life of a schizophrenic person. I'm sure that someone could produce a first person wild west themed film but I feel that other genres like action films would be brilliant to use this style of filming mainly because the camera work would always have a tension that can be used to impact the audience in important moments.

Of Mice And Men

Finishing off with another literature adaption, I feel that Of Mice And Men would shine in a modern cinema. This is mainly because the last film adaption was in 1992 and only recently has the stage adaption been put on by the national theater. The story itself is interesting and the characters are well developed in the sense that they all have a mystery about them that the audience would have to work towards figuring out. I also believe this film would be popular among schools due to the fact that the book is used in GCSEs, which would give the producers a great chance to market towards schools whilst also pleasing a modern audience by putting their own influences in on the original text in order to create a great piece of film.


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