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[Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) really didn't quite manage to live up to the hype did it? A game almost as hugely anticipated as the recent film itself, the Battlefront action shooter reboot delivered gorgeous visuals and gun mechanics which earned it a Best Shooter nomination in The Game Awards 2015, but the lack of a single-player campaign and replay-ability of the gameplay tripped it up like an AT-AT Walker falling on its face.

What's The Deal With The DLC?

So because of these failings Battlefront players have been eagerly awaiting news from EA DICE about the release of DLC, hopefully something which will shake up the gameplay format and/or expand the underdeveloped single player mode.

We already had our first round of downloadable content in the form of Battle of Jakku, which was released December 8, 2015 featuring two maps on the planet of Jakku (where we find main character Rey in Star Wars 7).

Whilst we're still being kept in the dark about exactly what the upcoming DLC will contain, we do know that - the Battle of Jakku DLC nod aside - there won't be any explicit tie ins with the recently released [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158), which could be a shame but does make sense given the still unfolding canon of the movies. But what do the fans want, and are EA listening?

is the headline of a message board over on the Star Wars: Battlefront forums, and as the name might suggest it's populated by players who want to see an expansion to single player and offline gameplay in Battlefront.

EA DICE are apparently working on fixing these issues reported by players regarding offline and single player; as the game is online multi-player focused the rest of the framework leaves much to be desired, and according to an EA customer rep this is something that DICE is working on expanding:

"The developers are working on it and they have progressed quite a bit. Hopefully they will [add the offline mode to the game] soon."

Whilst this is still not officially confirmed it does sound pretty exciting, and a single player expansion is sorely needed to give the game's ratings the boost it needs right now.

EA Is Listening...

Dennis Brännvall - EA DICE's Lead Level Designer for Star Wars: Battlefront - hasn't been taking the player feedback lying down, as he took to Twitter to respond to a link to the Battlefront subreddit sent to him detailing player's wishes for the DLC content.

When asked how often he browsed the Battlefront subreddit Brännvall responded:

But even though Brännvall is the Lead Level Designer and holds some amount of sway it doesn't mean that everyone's going to get their wish, as he himself says "It's not up to me sadly."

However he did say that the DLC announcement will be coming soon, which hopefully means we won't have to wait much longer to see which wishes have been ticked off the Reddit list.

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