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So, by now, if you haven't seen Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens, there isn't much more to be said except stop reading, go to the cinema, and watch it, and then maybe go watch it again. It is the film everyone is begging to talk about and it has been well over a month.

For those who have seen it, didn't it just leave you yearning for more? So many questions unfulfilled and so many new characters, as well as characters from the past. A good blend of nostalgia mixed with new.

However, these characters can't last forever, and we all had our emotional strength put to the test when the new dark and brooding baddy killed a certain half-witted Nerf herder. And with John Boyega already declaring that the next episode is going to be "much darker", well, prepare for the waterworks come 2017.

So who do we expect to see die in the coming films?

Princess Leia/General Organa

General Organa could be the first to die
General Organa could be the first to die

Carrie Fisher's part in the new film left many feeling... meh. We expected a lot more from the Princess and, at times, it felt like her inclusion was simply to keep with the retro feel. The granny hair and gillet made her look like someone I'd do a paper round for 12 years ago, too. Evidently a lot can happen in 30 years and she now goes as General Organa rather than Princess Leia, undisputed leader of the Resistance since the First Order blew up the remaining allied planets.

But she is the favourite for an early death in the next film, perhaps not something as dark as Han's death. For the sake of her character, she deserves to go out an easy way. It wouldn't be that surprising if she was killed off in the opening crawl, but that would cause chaos amongst fans.

Luke Skywalker

Ready for an Obi-Wan-esque death?
Ready for an Obi-Wan-esque death?

This one is a certainty. Maybe not the next episode, but by the end of the trilogy Luke Skywalker would almost definitely have died. Why? It is the only way Rey will truly fulfill her potential. At the end of the film, we were left with what must be the longest awkward silence between the two but it is expected that Luke will train Rey the ways of the Force and nurture her already amazing skills. Under Luke's guidance, an incredibly powerful Jedi himself, Rey will become quite the bad-ass.

What many fans want to see, though, is Luke getting involved in the action. And no doubt he will, but, and this is just a theory, there will be a battle between Ren/Snoke and Rey/Luke where Luke will sacrifice himself to save Rey. To throw in some more popular theory, Luke can declare to Rey that he is her father. That would blow some minds.


A life without Chewy is a life not living
A life without Chewy is a life not living

The death of Chewbacca would certainly fill the "much darker" description, no doubt if he does go it will be the most heroic death you will ever likely see. Chewbacca without Han Solo is like Snoopy without Charlie Brown; incomprehensible. Chewy and Rey will forge a strong relationship for sure, and even Finn. But nothing will come close to that of Han and Chewy.

Therefore, it might not be too long into the film if we do see Chewbacca go. Loyal, ferocious, and a war veteran with an epic bowcaster, he'd be an immense loss to the Resistance and to many of his companions. If he does bite the bullet, I hope we see him and Maz at least see each other. That's one couple I did not see getting together...

Poe Dameron

Everyone's favourite new character
Everyone's favourite new character

Damn, it'll take a strong person not a shed a tear at this man's death. Cheeky, cool, and full of charisma, Oscar Isaac did a magnificent job portraying this character. Hell, he's even getting his own comic series. As an episode all about mirroring previous episodes, Poe fulfills all the attributes of an early Han Solo, who also nearly experienced an early death.

But it is also no secret that it was his character that was meant to die, and with Finn and Rey seeming to be the main protagonists of the trilogy, it isn't obvious where Poe's future story will lie. Many will hope this is wrong (me included) but we have already seen Poe bow to Kylo Ren's torture methods before Finn broke him out, maybe next time he won't be so lucky...


Which death will have you weeping the most?


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