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Can you Belieb this? Ruby Rose just trolled Justin Bieber on Instagram in the best way possible — and we love it!

The other day Justin Bieber posted a photo of himself straddling a Ferrari, showing off his new lilac hairdo.

The Australian hottie known from Orange Is the New Black saw this as a golden opportunity to poke fun at her Canadian doppelgänger, Justin — by also straddling a car (must be nice to have one of those at your disposal).

This isn't the first time their resemblance has been pointed out on social media, Ruby herself has posted several Instagram posts about it in the past, and the two have met on numerous occasions.

There was also that one time when Ruby was hosting the EMAs and the two pretty much wore matching outfits.

Ruby has previously stated that she is genderfluid, so being told you look like one of the hottest male celebs on the planet is surely a compliment. If you want to know more about her gender identity, I recommend checking out this short movie of her breaking free from the norm:

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