ByMichelle Siouty, writer at

President Barack Obama answers questions on the daily about gun control, ISIS, and nuclear deals with Iran.

But what about the really important questions that TRULY matter. For instance, which Star Wars character would he want to be?

Obama has spoken out about his love of comic books and entertainment, so it should come with no surprise that this man knew off the bat just which Star Wars character he looks up to:

"Well, I gotta go with Han Solo. He's a little bit of a rebel..."

And a rebellious attitude is just the kind of trait we need in a leader if we are ever going to bring proper change to the United States.

Obama also answered two equally as important questions, like what a proper pair of pants would like look on a dog:

(He chose the second one, as the first would require too much fabric.)

As well as who would dominate in a rap battle:

He obviously chose Kendrick Lamar over Drake, as no one can drop bars as hard as him (To Pimp a Butterfly speaks for itself, as Obama rightly mentioned).

Obama has also reportedly said that A New Hope is his favorite of the films, so we know just how excellent our President's tastes are. Obama really couldn't be anymore of a badass.



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