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So we're getting excitingly close to finally reaching the [Fire Emblem Fates](tag:3618911) release date, each day closing that gap a little more as February 19, 2016 approaches. Fire Emblem Fates is the nineteenth instalment in the [Fire Emblem](tag:3618910) franchise and the first to release in multiple formats, with different versions containing the same main character taking a different narrative path.

  • Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright: follows the path of the peaceful Kingdom of Hoshido. Like Awakening it's more suitable for new or inexperienced Fire Emblem players. Releasing as a physical copy and as a download.
  • Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest: follows the path of the turbulent warlike Kingdom of Nohr. Provides more of a tactical challenge to experienced players with limited levels and no XP replay available. Releasing as a physical copy and as a download.
  • Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation: follows a third path where the player character uncovers the true mastermind pulling the strings of the war. Available only as DLC to those who already have either Birthright or Conquest.

How To Buy

So as Birthright and Conquest will be physical games they'll run you the usual $39.99 each, and the DLC Revelation on top of the physical copy will cost another $20.00. Like with Fire Emblem Awakening there will also be additional maps available to download; one free of charge and another six available for purchase (though [Nintendo](tag:2655364) has not yet clarified a price for these).

Instead of having to shell the full $100 if you want the complete experience though, Nintendo of America is offering other options. Once you've purchased one physical version (eg Birthright) and completed it you'll be able to download a digital copy of the other version (Conquest) for a reduced $19.99.

The Special Edition

Alternatively Nintendo are releasing a Special Edition Bundle, which includes all three games, an art book and a neat little pouch carrier for your Nintendo 3DS XL for $79.99.

This seems like the best option, no? Well a lot of players thought so, and the pre-orders have been coming in thick and fast for the Special Edition which is currently listed as unavailable on the GameStop website.

Oh well, c'est la vie, at least those who want this version the most will have hopefully gotten their pre-orders in off the bat. Well it turns out that your GameStop pre-order for the Special Edition might not be safe!

Wait, What?

Reddit user mydpy posted an image a few days ago that purports to be an email sent to GameStop store leaders cancelling pre-orders placed for the Fire Emblem Fates Special Editions made after November 18, 2015.

Sadly it looks like this isn't just a hoax, as users have been taking to various Fire Emblem forum boards to confirm that their orders have been cancelled.

From the looks of things it's pre-orders made in store which had not yet been fully paid off which have been cancelled, but there's been no official line from Nintendo of America about the situation and why some have had their orders cancelled and some haven't.

We're sad too Azura
We're sad too Azura

A similar thing happened with the last release, Fire Emblem Awakening. Whilst pre-orders weren't outright cancelled they were pushed back, with one Reddit user stating it took an additional month for their copy to be delivered. Not a great track record Nintendo; first you ignore Europe for the release date announcement and now you mess up pre-orders for one of your biggest target audiences? C'mon now.

Hopefully we'll get an official line on why this happened soon but until then we're off to play Awakening for the fifteenth time. Naga help us.

Have you pre-ordered Fire Emblem Fates? Is your copy safe? Tell us if you've had any problems in the comments below.


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