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Little more than a week out from the return of The X-Files, Chris Carter, the show's creator, has revealed that he has already penned the script for the third movie!

During the TCA's press tour on Friday, Carter told The Hollywood Reporter that he'd written the third film before he was approached about doing the new series — and that the movie script has nothing to do with the six episodes about to air.

“I actually wrote a third movie, just because I was interested in the idea of where that might go,
I let my wife read the third movie, and she said ‘I think not for television.’”

When asked about plans to make a third movie, Carter explained that he was more interested in investing his time into his TV projects at the moment.

"I'm waiting for Fox to come back and ask for more," said Carter. "Then we'll talk about it."

Unfortunately, it seems likely that FOX will have to cancel the show before we get another feature length alien encounter with Mulder and Scully.

It's ok Mulder, we have the six-part series to fix us for now; we can cry when that's finished.

Sources: Bloody Disgusting, You Tube.


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