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Now, for a superhero still best known for appearing in an early 2000s animated TV series, Static has done a surprisingly good job of remaining both culturally relevant and beloved by fans. That has a lot to do with his being brought into the DC comic book universe (after his original home, DC imprint Milestone, folded), but is perhaps more than anything else a response to the character - better known to his friends as Virgil Hawkins - being distinctly awesome (as well as representative of a several large, under-served sections of comic book readership).

Static Shock in Young Justice
Static Shock in Young Justice

With both a devoted fan-base and an already well-established back-story, then, could we someday see Virgil return to the screen? There have long been rumors of a live-action spin-off, or perhaps even a big screen adventure – but with so many DC shows already on TV, is that the most realistic option for Static?

Well, as it turns out...

Legends of Tomorrow's Franz Drameh is Keen to See Static Turn Up in the Show

Specifically, when asked by which superhero he'd like to see show up on Legends of Tomorrow, Drameh - who plays one half of Firestorm in the show - had this to say:

"Oh… Static Shock would be fun. Static Shock. I do like Static. Yeah, it’d be fun. Static would be cool."

Which, on the one hand, might just suggest that it isn't going to happen anytime soon (if it were, Drameh would almost certainly have been told not to mention it). On the other hand, however, the enthusiasm of cast members can prove influential - and it's always possible that Drameh has heard rumblings of a future cameo (or perhaps even a live-action spin-off) and is just positioning himself accordingly.

Either way, though, it's kind of awesome to note that Drameh is clearly enough of a comic-book geek himself to actually have an opinion about the merits of bringing Static to the screen - and if that enthusiasm ends up being mirrored by fans, it might not be too long before we get to see the hero return.

Along, of course, with the inevitable 'shocking return' headlines...

What do you think, though?

Check out 'Legends of Tomorrow', which arrives on The CW January 21st.



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