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(Warning – the following contains potential SPOILERS for future episodes of DC and the CW's The Flash... or does it? Proceeding with caution is - possibly - advised...)

Now, within DC and the CW's Arrowverse, there are mysteries, and then there are mysteries. In any given episode, there's a pretty good chance that we'll be wondering about what a guest villain is up to, what will happen within a given romantic subplot, and even what's going on with one of the shows' overarching plot arcs. There are also, though, the kind of mysteries that you can't help but spend the whole of the following day talking to you friends about.

Like, for instance, this particularly burning question asked by fans of The Flash the world over...

Just Who the Hell is Zoom?

For many fans, that is very much the question – and some believe they may have already worked out the answer: it might just be Barry 'The Flash' Allen himself, turned evil on Earth-2.

The only problem with that logic?

Grant Gustin, a.k.a. The Flash Himself, Doesn't Think That Zoom is an Evil Barry Allen

As he put it to IGN recently:

"I don’t think it’s going to be Evil Barry... But I was pitching that idea really early on, like, 'How fun would that be, it’d be so cool!' I just selfishly wanted to play the villain."

If Zoom isn't Barry, though, Gustin may well now know who is in fact hiding behind that mask:

"I didn’t even know who it was until last night, actually. I hadn’t asked. I asked way more questions last year. Jesse [L. Martin, aka Det. Joe West] likes to know as little as possible and I’m kind of taking that route this year, so I’m surprised when I see the scripts and surprised when I do it. I hadn’t asked who Zoom was. I didn’t want to know, but [Greg] Berlanti called me last night to catch up and talk about the episodes and that came up and he broke down that whole story for me and how it’s going to evolve and what’s going to happen. So I do know now. Obviously, I’m not going to tell you! [Laughs] There are so many twists and turns involved with it and so many characters’ arcs that are connected to it. I said it about Thawne last year. Even if you think you know, there’s going to be some part of it that no one is going to guess exactly what the reveal is."

Or, in other words?

We aren't going to find out who the hell Zoom is for a while yet... and that might just be for the best.

After all - what would the Arrowverse be without those mysteries?

Take a look at the promo for next episode of 'The Flash', titled 'Potential Energy'.

What do you think?

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