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Gossip Girl started off as a GREAT show. It was dramatic, exciting, and always left us on the edge of our seats. But then it jumped the shark and got into all kinds of absolutely insane plot lines that made no sense whatsoever.

Nate seemed to be a pretty pointless character
Nate seemed to be a pretty pointless character

Here is where you can find the evolution of the reality and fake-ality of Gossip Girl:

No one on Gossip Girl has ever been spotted in sweatpants or even casual clothing (!)

The elegance and glamour make the show what it is, especially considering fashion is basically its own character on the show. But even when the characters are casually lounging around their gorgeous apartments, they're fully dressed and done up.

Blair 100% would have gone to Yale.

Everyone knows a Blair —and if you don't know one, you might be one. After spending years/her entire life dreaming of rooting for the bulldogs at Yale, she would have done literally anything to matriculate at her dream university.

The fake cancer was forgiven.

Even if you didn't grow up on the Upper East Side, you're probably aware that giving your wife fake cancer in an effort to get back with her isn't exactly the norm. Not only does Lily forgive William for pretending she had a horrific disease, she marries the guy. Now you see where Serena gets her daddy issues.

Sharing a secret half-sibling with your boyfriend would make for awkward discussions at the dinner table.

While Scott, the secret half-brother of Serena and Dan, wasn't exactly the most interesting character on the show. After it's revealed he's the biological son of Rufus and Lily, he's completely ignored. Serena feels uncomfortable about dating Dan when their parents are together, but it doesn't seem to bother her that they're almost-siblings. It would certainly make for an awkward Thanksgiving.

Dan as Gossip Girl would never work, even if his hair became so big of all his secrets.

Even Dorota as Gossip Girl would have been more believable. After all, she knew all the Waldorf family secrets. While it makes sense that Dan would want to infiltrate the Upper East Side, as he always considered himself an outsider bad boy just begging to be let in, upon rewatching it just doesn't make sense.

It seems like the viewers have a love hate relationship with the television series, as its character's lifestyles seem too good to be true, especially at such a young age.


  • Chuck and Blair's entire relationship. Chuck gave Blair a diamond necklace for her 17th birthday and took her to the top of the Empire State Building for date night. Right.
  • When Chuck paid someone to take Serena's SATs for her. Sorry, you can't get out of taking your college placement tests.
  • Every time there was a new inappropriate relationship. Dan and Serena each had relationships with their high school teachers, which should never happen in real life and is against the law. And while not technically illegal, it's a little gross that Dan and Serena got married, knowing that they share a half-brother.
  • hen none of them wanted to be single — ever! Even the most dedicated serial daters occasionally go a few months between relationships. And having a boyfriend or girlfriend isn't everyone high schooler's top priority.
  • When everyone married their high school sweethearts in their early 20s. Not saying this never happens, but it's pretty rare.
  • Every time Rufus made waffles. The man could solve world hunger single-handedly.
  • Every time Jenny somehow created a new piece of couture overnight. You barely have enough time to finish your homework. How did she manage to stay on top of school, her social life, and her internship at Eleanor's?!
  • When they seem to have a black-tie gala, masked ball, or fancy charity gala every single weekend. I guess prom would be boring?

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